Designer Glen Peloso on Small spaces – Breakfast Television


Designer Glen Peloso on Small spaces – Breakfast Television

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Small spaces – Breakfast Television

  • 6 in 10 sales are condos
  • One sold every thirteen minutes in Toronto

1) Beware when Buying from plan

  • Each image is the same size so it is deceiving in terms of space

2) One you get it   – Stop with words like Small and Cramped –

  • Think cozy Intimate and charm  – just a better mind set to work from

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Introducing The Xavier House Collection


341_224_561_562_128RSWhen it comes to choosing  the right home furnishings for your home, there is one key trait that everyone should look for: versatility. Much like selecting an outfit for the evening, it’s important to choose pieces that will complement and contrast in a variety of 341_132settings. It’s with this key trait in mind that Decorium presents the Xavier House Collection, a range of pieces designed to fit any home, be it in a quiet town in the country, or the hustle and bustle of a modern city. This unique, elegant, and expansive collection features a wide variety of designs and materials, for the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

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Furnishing a Condo Without Compromise: Part One

“Spacious” isn’t an adjective most condo owners would use to describe their living space, especially in a high-valued market like Toronto’s. Still, spatial limitations aside, furnishing a condo can be an incredibly rewarding, albeit challenging, experience when you have a thoughtful plan and an open mind.

Condo well furnished

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Designer Glen Peloso Dining Room:

dining room furniture

The Dining room:

Summer is closing and the outdoor meals are less comfortable

Time to look at the dining room again:


Inviting – you want your guest to want to say

Dark colours are good — or dramatic wall paper in deep colours

  • Space is meant to be romantic – rarely do we have “over lighted times” in the dining room
  • The dark colours help to create an intimate and safe feeling –
  • Like a hug!

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Design blog Fashionights documents opening of Decorium’s second furniture store in Toronto

decorium furniture store toronto location

Fashionights, a blog dedicated to all things in style in Toronto, visited the recent opening of Decorium’s second store, snapping a few pics and jotting down a few notes in the process. The event was made even more memorable with the attendance of industry notables like Fashionights, which covers the fashion and lifestyle beats in the city and beyond. Read the entire article at the Fashionights website, where you’ll find some images capturing the opening of Decorium’s brand new, modern furniture store in Toronto, located at 1212 Yonge Street.


Designer Glen Peloso Lighting Tips

guest blogger for decorium furnitureGeneral points

  • You can have the best decor Ever, but if you can’t see it – who cares!!
  • If it is applied or used properly – it can make the space seem far more elegant, detailed, dramatic and focused.
  • Poorly applied it can make this horrid – ever think you looked good with a flash light under your chin or in the hospital?
  • Lighting designers  refer to it as “painting with light” –

Where to start with lighting planning –

  • What are you going to use the space for – “form follows function”!
  • No matter what you use it for – -install dimmers – which allows versatility in all the spaces – (i.e.: The bathroom to get ready OR to host a party) same for all kinds of lighting?
  • The ideal lighting of every room is a combination of all of the various kinds of lighting to follow: // read more

Sofa Selection 101.

The sofa is a piece of furniture which has to provide tremendous functionality as well as style. It sets the tone for style as well as comfort. Decorium has so many various styles to choose from, I can comfortably say that anyone can find what they need there. The fact that there are so many choices is what can make it so difficult to choose…here are a few tips to help your search.

decorium leather sofa collection

Consider your seating needs, will your sofa be occasionally used for entertaining or daily for lounging, snacking and the odd nap? For daily family use, make sure the sofa is deep enough, 37” to 40” is perfect for lounging.

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Style at Home Stops by Our New Home on Yonge Street

style at home logo

Contributor to the influential Style at Home blog Samantha Battistone recently paid a visit to our brand new showroom, which inspired a list of her personal favourite items and some stunning photo highlights. Style at Home has become the go-to resource on interior design and decorating, trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike, so Decorium was honoured to be mentioned among some of the country’s most respected sources for home décor items and inspiration. Among the pieces that drew Ms. Battistone’s eye were a Dovenmark antique brass bar cart, a Wyndham accent chair with nature-inspired fabric design and a Yeats iron and glass side table. For the full article on our newly opened modern furniture store in Toronto, located at 1212 Yonge Street, visit And while you’re there, be sure to cast a vote for your favourite piece.


Traditional Decor and Its Relevance Today

A lot of the pieces in our furniture store Toronto would be classified under the category of “Traditional Decor”. However, at first glance, customers don’t associate these pieces with the name.

“Traditional decor” is often associated with “out-dated” or “old fashioned” furniture; the kind you would see in a museum – made of wood and olden style designs, but this doesn’t ring true with what traditional decor really is.

traditional home furniture setToday’s traditional decor more than anything provides a sense of luxury, but is attached to history and refined to accommodate a modern twist. Traditional decor gives a home substance that’s both comforting and welcoming, and over the years, this type of decor in our furniture store Toronto has changed from a feeling of stuffiness to a more fresh and lively look.

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Make a Statement in Your Home with the Colour Gray

Gray is coming back to the designer world in a big way! What’s now referred to as the “new neutral””, offers a chic twist to decor and makes the colour a perfect place to start when decorating your home!

While many consider gray to be a bland colour, when you look at it from a different angle it can actually convey a soothing presence. Its neutrality gives it a chance to work with many different colours. It’s a good choice for primary design as well as for accent pieces.

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