Leather Sectionals are back in Fashion: Furniture Trends 2014


Leather Sectionals are back in Fashion: Furniture Trends 2014

Modern_33_E-200_2013 Hi Res_447Are you looking out to enhance the look of your living room? Sofas are the best way to fill in the empty space. They make your living room appear fuller and appeal to the eyes. Interiors are set best when filled with a nice sofa and a side lamp.

Doesn’t it feel absolutely divine to stretch on your sofa with a book in hand? Yes, it does! But, small sofas don’t really add to the look of your home. It should be big enough to space it out. No wonder the sectional sofas are back in vogue!

What was the classy culture of the 70s or 80s went off during the 90s. In fact, till a very long time people found their spaces too cramped up with the sectional sofas set in. They wanted space and believed couches that were small in size were the best. The sectional sofas part of living room furniture has in fact caused an amazing change in the furniture trends observed for the upcoming year. // read more


See It for Yourself, Make It Just the Way You Want with Decorium

We live in modern times. We lead contemporary lifestyles. With so many technological advancements and more people on the planet than ever before, our desire for individual identity and expression is more important than ever! To express ourselves as individuals, with a sense of authenticity, ingenuity and prevalence, is essential to our identity and well-being.

Photographs are two-dimensional and we all know your lifestyle is not! With brilliant lighting and perfect positioning of collections shown in magazines and on-line, we know the actual, tactical experience of an item can be incredibly different from the image. At Decorium, we want your dream home and its reality to match harmoniously. We know you want items that are striking and dynamic, that look wonderful to you, your family and friends in real-time, in three-dimensional space. // read more


How To Refresh Your Space in 2014

It’s time to rev up those resolutions while welcoming in the New Year. No need to worry about updating your space because Decorium has everything you need to refresh in 2014!

Some of the biggest trends in home décor are taken straight from the fashion runway. One way to lighten up your space during the long, dark days of winter is by using pastels. The Mirella footstool in soft blue with silver legs fits perfectly in front of a winged arm chair creating a warm, yet bright feeling.

Mirella Ottoman SKU 054725 Another trend taking its cue from the runway is mixing and matching metals. It is no longer taboo to have silver, gold and bronze in the same space. The hardware in your home acts as the base, so by adding contrasting accent pieces, it creates a harmonious, yet eclectic feel. This creates visual interest and another level of texture. You can change the look of your space by adding a new accent piece without a huge outlay. // read more


Trends for Living Room Furniture in 2014

Anora SofaLiving room is the lifeline of the home. It is the room where the family meets and greets. All family members bond in this special room. It is here that guests are welcomed and entertained. Living room furniture must be chosen wisely to ensure that it offers benefits to family members as well as guests. Trends in furniture have always been fluctuating. Every year new designs, patterns, hues and visual combinations of living room furniture are introduced. Some are declared as hottest trends in the home decor industry. Trends influence the living room furniture present in homes. The trends in furniture also impact home staging. Changes made in home staging according to the current trends definitely impact the sale of modern furniture.

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Decorium Lists the Top Furniture and Décor Trends to Watch for in 2014

Celestia Sofa

A refined-retro styling will define furniture and décor trends for the foreseeable future, with an emphasis on colour, curve, abstract wall decor and mixed materials.

With another year winding down, Decorium is excited to provide a glimpse of what 2014 holds in store for homeowners, interior decorators and design enthusiasts. The furniture retailer has just released its list of the hottest style trends for the year ahead, which most notably includes an embrace of all things retro and refined. // read more

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What are the Various Dining Table Options when buying Furniture for your Condo?

Newton Dining Table SKU 902092

Furniture is highly essential to enhance the look of your condo. It makes both guests and hosts comfortable. Planned purchase and placement of furniture can help you arrange the articles in your home in the best possible way and yet leave a lot of open space. Selecting the right furniture can make your condo look bigger than it actually is. The dining table has a special importance in the home because it is the place where family members meet and enjoy their meal together. It is the place where you celebrate your day. Selecting the right dining table is very important to meet the dining needs of your family. // read more


Warm Up Your Space with Decorium!

Horses Painting

Does your home suffer from the winter blues? Worry not; your friends here at Decorium have you covered. Today we’ll be going over some great ideas to warm up three spaces – the bedroom, living room and dining room. // read more


How To Choose The Right Condo Furniture

Living in a condo does make us understand the need for better use of space. A condo does not have the same spaciousness offered at a house in the suburbs. A house in the suburbs usually has a lot of space inside that can help us to arrange the right kind of large furniture in it. On the other hand, a condo does not necessarily allow us to pick up the furniture of our choice. With this difference in space, it is vital we choose the right Condo furniture that can create an effect of spaciousness.


Since most people choose to live in condos due to easy accessibility in urban areas, it is essential to understand the easy techniques that make condos look spacious. The most important feature that makes any interior look congested is the size of furniture placed inside. Hence care should be taken to choose the right furniture for your condo to make it look spacious, elegant and stylish, without neglecting the purpose of the furniture in that particular area.

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Great Funky Items from Decorium

Your home should tell a story, with each room being a chapter. Someone smarter than us once said that, and if they didn’t, they should have. Your home says a lot about you, so you want to ensure that each and every room has something interesting to say.

Proper use of furniture can really be a conversation piece, be it modern furniture or funky furniture, it should get your guests talking. Your room should have feature items that give them that “wow factor” which can then be layered with different textures and finishes to create a space that is unique, exciting and fresh. Read on to see some great, funky items that may be perfect for your home! // read more