Leather: An Integral Part of Modern Furniture Themes These Days


Leather: An Integral Part of Modern Furniture Themes These Days

Jules Sectional 901515 ReducedLeather gives your furniture a larger than life look and, you just cannot deny that. When you buy leather furniture, you can see a noticeable difference in the way it appears and decorates your home. Leather has been in vogue since ages and even today it has not really lost its charm. Yes, leather may be a bit expensive but there’s nothing like leather furniture to make sure your home looks beautiful and aesthetic.

Types of Leather Grains

It is the look and feel of genuine leather that sends desirable signals to your brain. If you have noticed a certain embossed pattern on the texture of your leather furniture, then you should know that pattern is called a grain. // read more

Decorium featured on The Marilyn Denis Show

We were recently featured on The Marilyn Denis Show | At Home | Holiday Home Makeover

Featuring fabulous tips for bringing the holidays inside your own home and using non-traditional holiday colors.

Thank you for including us!

Watch the videos:

Opening Up A Space – Design Tips from Decorium

Here is an article written by our especially talented Lyndsay Jacobs, who decorates our showrooms on Supertest and Yonge Street!

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Goldilocks and the Three Chairs – Stressless Innovative Recliners

Goldilocks and the Three ChairsRemember “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? How the big daddy chair was too high, the middle-sized mommy chair was too soft and the baby chair was just right?

Stressless, just like in the story, makes their recliners in Small, Medium and Large sizes to ensure you find the perfect fit for you. Each built with 40 years of comfort technology, their incredible seat innovations can help you get more comfortable than you’ve ever felt before. Available in fabric and leather, with alternate finish options and many accessories, you can really customize and design the ideal recliner for your home.

Stressless products are originally designed in Norway to be the most comfortable reclining system in the world. The patented Stressless glide system automatically adjusts to balance you perfectly in every position with ease. The reason the Stressless chair is so uniquely comfortable is that it is designed to be orthopedically correct, with full lumbar support, even in the upright position. These recliners relax quietly as you recline, automatically and gradually with no button to push or levers to pull. The headrest moves to support your head, and with just one adjustment, you can easily lay the headrest flat for optimum comfort when you want to rest, recline or even sleep.

Leather and Fabric Options

Stressless uses only superior leathers and fabrics. There are four leather grades. Batick is a great entry-level choice for families with children and pets. It’s easy to clean and breathes well. Classic is extremely durable and easy to care for. // read more


Cozy Up to Winter!


Francois Wing Chair SKU 043678It’s hard to imagine ever feeling warm again during the long, cold months of winter, but you can banish winter’s chill with these décor tips to help your home feel cozy and warm!Ward off the chill of the evening by investing in a Wingback or Easy chair. These classic pieces are designed to trap the warmth of a fire and to protect one from drafts. It is an essential piece for reading on a snowy winter’s eve, and now comes in a variety of styles, from a lowered back with a structured, modern look to the traditional high back version with its curves and rolled arms.Accessory Books 

Change up the lighting in the space by adding a lower- wattage or softer-hue bulb, such as pink, to cast a warm glow. This is oh-so-important during the winter as daylight is scarce. Add a second tier of lighting, to create a softer ambiance, such as table or side lamps rather than harsh, overhead lighting. Don’t forget to add task lighting for many people’s favourite winter hobby: Reading! Leaving stacks of books and magazines on the coffee table or beside a favourite chair ensures an afternoon of cocooning and time well spent.


// read more


Eclectic Styling Done Right!

Eclectic Done Right

Eclectic spaces are a combination of styles that work cohesively based on common elements in the furniture, accessories and textiles. Throughout the years we can inherit precious pieces from loved ones, pick up objects from our travels or just simply have a difficult time letting go of odds and ends. I know I am completely guilty of trying to keep everything, but really, we simply can’t!

To accommodate everything, new and sentimental, can be very challenging. Sometimes, these collectibles do not quite match, and together, they can start to look like clutter. An eclectic space has to feel harmonious.

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Small Spaces, Big Solutions

View on the modern bedroom 3D

The idea of furnishing a small space, it can be overwhelming. You could avoid this, by choosing the right colors and the right furniture.

Light colors on the walls: when you have a small space, you should paint the walls in light colors, especially if you don’t have a lot of natural light coming through. This doesn’t mean that they should all be in white. Yellow, for example, it can be a great solution for a small and dark space as long as it is the right shade.

Furniture: When you get to the point of furnishing a small space, the idea is not to fill the space with lots of pieces, but the right ones. Choose furniture with storage and that can be multi-functional. For example:

  • Bed with storage underneath
  • Ottomans that can be used for extra seating, storage and coffee tables.
  • Sofa with storage or sofa beds
  • Tables that can be used as dining tables and/or workstations
  • TV stands that can also be used as buffets // read more

Leather Sectionals are back in Fashion: Furniture Trends 2014

Modern_33_E-200_2013 Hi Res_447Are you looking out to enhance the look of your living room? Sofas are the best way to fill in the empty space. They make your living room appear fuller and appeal to the eyes. Interiors are set best when filled with a nice sofa and a side lamp.

Doesn’t it feel absolutely divine to stretch on your sofa with a book in hand? Yes, it does! But, small sofas don’t really add to the look of your home. It should be big enough to space it out. No wonder the sectional sofas are back in vogue!

What was the classy culture of the 70s or 80s went off during the 90s. In fact, till a very long time people found their spaces too cramped up with the sectional sofas set in. They wanted space and believed couches that were small in size were the best. The sectional sofas part of living room furniture has in fact caused an amazing change in the furniture trends observed for the upcoming year. // read more


See It for Yourself, Make It Just the Way You Want with Decorium

We live in modern times. We lead contemporary lifestyles. With so many technological advancements and more people on the planet than ever before, our desire for individual identity and expression is more important than ever! To express ourselves as individuals, with a sense of authenticity, ingenuity and prevalence, is essential to our identity and well-being.

Photographs are two-dimensional and we all know your lifestyle is not! With brilliant lighting and perfect positioning of collections shown in magazines and on-line, we know the actual, tactical experience of an item can be incredibly different from the image. At Decorium, we want your dream home and its reality to match harmoniously. We know you want items that are striking and dynamic, that look wonderful to you, your family and friends in real-time, in three-dimensional space. // read more