Warm up your bedroom this fall


Warm up your bedroom this fall

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With fall upon us, many of us need to cozy up our bedrooms for the upcoming cold months. During fall and winter it is common to spend a greater amount of time wrapped up in the warmth and comfort of your master bedroom. Here are 5 ideas to create a cozy and comfortable master bedroom this fall.

1. Warm & Rich Colours – choose a colour pallet that will make you instantly feel welcome and cozy. Colors are one of your best ways to generate a mood. Warmer tones, like reds, golds, light browns and oranges are a good way to turn up the heat.

2. Upholstered Pieces – Nothing says “snuggle in” more than an upholstered, maybe even tufted, bed. Even a beautifully upholstered side chair or bench will add a level of softness to the room.

3. Texture – Texture can do more add to the décor of the room, they add to the overall message and feeling the room gives off. Textures create the kind of cozy environment that will make you want to kick off your shoes and snuggle up with your significant other. Woven furniture and rugs add depth to the room. A quilted blanket mixed with buttery leathers and soft linens entice the eye.

4. Faux Fur – What better way to welcome the season of hibernation than fur, even faux? A faux fur throw or blanket is soft to the touch and is perfect to not only add to a room but to welcome you into a warm embrace.

5. Romantic Lighting – an important aspect to any cozy feeling room is the lighting. To add a romantic glow to your master bedroom use an assortment of lighting fixtures such as, lamps, sconces and romantic chandelier. To add warmth to the room, be sure to use bulbs that give off a yellowish or even pink glow

Design advice by Marta Wojtal, Decorium


Design Tip: Ideas on Determining How to Hang Pictures

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Ideas on Determining How to Hang Pictures

By Lisba Selbo, Decorium


In general, artwork should be hung so that the center point of the picture or grouping is eye level.  However an important point to always note is that art should be hung in relation to the pieces of furniture close to it.

Create a vignette.

  1. If you’re hanging artwork in the dining room, you may want to consider hanging your pictures slightly lower since you are mostly sitting down when viewing it.  (Think about this too when hanging artwork in children’s bedrooms).
  2. If you’re hanging pictures above furniture, make sure to leave at least 4” clearance.  Don’t go too high, otherwise the eye will focus on the blank space between the artwork and the furniture, and that’s not what you want.
  3. When hanging multiple pieces vertically on the wall, consider the unit as a whole.  Unify the spaces in between the pictures.  A great plan is to lie the art on paper and trace around each object.  Tape the paper of the wall and this should give you a better idea as to how the “whole” unit will look when it will be installed.
  4. If hanging a single picture, and you’re still not sure where, how high, etc., cut our paper with the approx. size of the artwork, and tape it onto the wall where you think you want it to hang.  If the spot appeals to you,  go ahead and take the plunge, hang your painting and enjoy it.
  5. To confirm exactly where to place the hanging nail, ask someone to hold the picture in place, draw a light pencil line in the middle, just above the frame.  Measure the distance from the top of the frame to the wire.  This distance is where the nail must go into the wall from the pencil line.

Heather Uph Bed SKU 056355Art transforms your home like no other aesthetic element can.  It adds colour and life to a room.  Choose what appeals to you, subjects, textures, colours, etc., things that you find interesting, and relax and enjoy your home to the full.



What Do I Do All Day? Perspective from a Point-of-Sale Merchandising Coordinator

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Many people have asked me what I do for a living. How often I wasn’t quite sure how to answer their question…

A few years ago, I would tell others my title as a Point-of-Sale Merchandising Coordinator and list off some of my duties. I might have said I was a kind of furniture expert, product knowledge specialist, even furniture romance copywriter. Although these latter descriptions seemed more impressive, I still felt as though I was hiding all the action behind the scenes!

I make a difference in my workplace; most of my tasks are engaging, inventive and highly creative. Everyday, I could research newly-designed furniture, indulge in a little graphic design, make-up catchy marketing phrases, learn about different furniture styles and the historical significances, challenge myself to improve the quality of my presentations, etc. Whatever I need to better illustrate to others the furniture and options available with products at Decorium, I will create.

To describe what I do, nowadays I simply say, “My job is to make furniture shopping easier for everyone!”

I hope you just giggled. Honestly though, my job is about actively making things easier, for anyone who looks at my work as a reference. It doesn’t matter whether my audience is sales staff or customers. I treat them the same.

Every moment in my workday, I need to be as resourceful, creative and mindful as I can. I need to organize and consider how my work will be thought of and used by others. I have to have access to all details available at all times. I must be precise. I am, afterall, responsible for making sure sales people know what they’re actually selling and customers see exactly what will be coming through their doorway on delivery day. The pictures, catalogue details and romance are what breathe life into the products. Furniture is about expressing lifestyle choices!

Yes, I get the benefit of looking at beautifully-designed furniture all day long. However I also have to teach myself all the custom options available with any restrictions on every piece in the store. I may not be responsible for buying the products, but I do have to know all about them, so I can create practical displays others can refer to quickly.

With every keystroke, my spelling, pricing, product descriptions, names, absolutely everything has to be perfect. Even something as simple as a typo in the original model number can mean a customer receives a chair instead of a bed. I imagine seeing the happy customer, getting exactly what they wanted!

To keep an open mind and heart, I love and respect every collection for their similarities and differences. I believe, if this is what someone is looking for, I should want to help make their dreams a reality. If a customer wants to design their dream bed, mix and match styles, get that deep leather couch they always dreamed of, I want to help make it happen by providing all the custom options available. I recognize my efforts are intended to create a positive difference in their lives.

Whatever a customer’s desires may be, I try my utmost to make shopping for that favourite piece of furniture as easy as possible. With so many different styles and products on the markets these days, helping to make that hard-earned decision a little less stressful is really worthwhile. With the two Decorium stores, there is so much variety on display all the time, I’m confident almost anyone can find what they’re looking for. It’s the wide appeal that draws me here and the number of products that certainly keeps my eyes wide awake all day!


By Nicole Sutherland, Decorium

Mixing Metals in the Home: The Alchemy of Design by Victoria Manning

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How to Choose a Dining Table for your New House

Aidan Metal Chair in Yellow SKU 055838When you buy a new house, family time becomes extremely important. Creating a comfortable environment where everyone can share new ideas and experiences is a challenge. The dining room is often that special meeting place.

For the dining room or kitchen, the table is a focal place, where family members can have a meal together and talk about aspects of their day with one other. The dining room furniture is best when it can meet the needs of every family member throughout the day. In a new house, these precious moments are especially important, to make the new surroundings familiar and more welcoming for everyone.

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Ekornes Stressless Furniture: Size Up Your Need for Lasting Comfort

Blues in Royalin White LeatherIt is very easy to get stumped when trying to figure out key pieces for your home, especially when it comes to sofas and accent chairs. Many home-owners are keen to buy one-of-a-kind furniture that complements the new or original home décor while achieving optimal comfort. Attaining that balance can be a real challenge.

However, if you’re striving for greater comfort with modern style that will last, Ekornes Stressless furniture easily comes to mind. Quality-designed, with incredible style and maximum ergonomic comfort built right into every product, Stressless is awe-inspiring with just how wonderful their products really are over the long term. As long you know the size of your space available, you can find all the variety you need to get more “stressless” with Stressless!

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