Holidays Are Almost Here

Holidays Are Almost Here

Holidays are almost here and it is this time of the year a feeling and desire for something new and exciting is in the air all around us.

Our home is the first step we want to make some new changes too, to make it festive and inviting.

No big changes are required to make it festive and new. By adding some new accessories, like toss cushions for your couch or a new bright rug for the family room will change the look in an instant.

Table lamp’s shades will warm and soften the decor right away.

Never forget to cut the branches of the Christmas tree to fill your room with fresh and festive smells.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Decorium.

Written By Alla Wolfson
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

How To Choose a Living Room Sofa For Your Home

The decision to add a sofa or sectional sofa in your living space is an exciting decision. A place to sit comfortably with family to watch tv or have a social gathering with some friends is a start to having an idea about the kind of sofa you’re looking for?

So here are a couple of things to consider when deciding on what sofa to add to your home.

Who is going to use the sofa? 

So how many people are going to be using the sofa on a regular basis and what is the average number of people sitting or lying on it daily? Are your family members young or old and what is their average height? Do they prefer sitting, sleeping, or jumping! 

What kind of space are you working with and what dimensions are you considering? 

Is the sofa going in the living room beside a fireplace or a corner? Maybe you’re looking for a sectional that will fit in your basement for the teenagers in the house. It’s advisable to measure the length and width of the space where the sofa will be going as well as the door openings so the furniture can be delivered into the space easily. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of the space as well, which will be helpful when you make any store visits.

What style is your space and what feeling are you trying to create?

The thought of a living room brings many images of comfort and casual seating, which is great. Home styles vary in look and feel. A comfortable home can also be modern, classic, or have a contemporary vibe to it. So, what is your home style and how do you want your sofa to look in the space? For instance, some arms on the sofa are customizable and can be curved or straight. The length of the arms whether full length or two-thirds is another preference to think about. How firm do you like your seating, is the foam cushioning of the seats and back firm or soft and do you prefer feather or foam filling?

What fabric are you considering for upholstery? 

A sofa can be in fabric or leather. When family members are younger, I expect the fabric will have its share of wear and incidents so a durable fabric that is both stylish with your space, and durable is something to consider. Some sofa fabrics come pre-treated against spills while other fabrics come with a protection certificate that ensures you have a backup plan in case of any accidental issues. Generally, the choice of a good durable fabric that will endure and also maintain the look of the sofa is highly recommended, and of course a complimenting color to your home style and design. 

These are some of the items to consider when making the choice of buying a sofa or sectional sofa for your living space. I hope you find the sofa that is right for your home and family and Happy Shopping! 

Written By Nancy Elhalbawy
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Gold for Winter

In December, we live winter here in the northern hemisphere. With this, the colour that is more evident in nature is white, from snow, which covers the green of the trees.

To keep warm, it is common to light fires outdoors and fireplaces indoors. Therefore, the gold and red of fire are colours that are linked to this time of year.

Traditionally, these are the colours of Christmas. What few people know is that there is a reason for choosing these colours at this time of year. Each has a meaning, passed on for generations.

Gold represents the sun, light, and presence of the divine. And it has a very beautiful meaning, which is generosity, giving gifts. One of the gifts that The Three Wise Men brought to Jesus at birth was gold, in addition to incense and myrrh.

Of course you can have gold in your home decor, not just for the tree. Countless accessories such as bowls, artwork, candlesticks, mirror frames, and even some pieces of furniture will make your home the perfect haven for Christmas.

Here at Decorium, we have numerous options of golden accessories that will make your home beautiful and ready for parties. Welcome!


Written By Henrique Morais
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Let Us Welcome Winter 2022

After going through a couple of very intense years like 2020 and 2021, when it comes to choosing a colour for this coming winter, we want to make sure that we get a colour that will make us feel calm, cozy, and fresh.

Whether we want to believe it or not, winter 2022 is around the corner. When we talk about home decor, we know that trends come and go very quickly.

This is why we always suggest going with neutral colours in furniture, so that every time a season changes, we can add some trendy colours in accent walls, toss pillows, throws, art, area rugs without having to change the whole decor.

We will refresh our rooms every season. The colours suggested for this one are: different shades of blues, greens, and earth tones, always combined with whites and greys.

The colour theme for 2022 must show freshness, calmness, and coziness to be able to overcome the negativity of the last two years to achieve a more optimistic direction in our lives.

Written By Adriana Glait
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Five cozy winter home ideas

We have to admit it- but cold weather is fast approaching. If you are the type to update your decor seasonally and want your home to feel extra cozy this winter, check out our home decor tips.

1. Hang a wintery wreath.

2. Throw some texture around. Winter decor is all about the texture: faux furs, accent pillows, velvet texture, and etc.

3. Bring candles through your home whether real or battery-operated. Candles bring some visual warmth into any room.
Hurricane Candleholder
4. Add a sheepskin rug to your decor.

5. Don’t forget to use some green plants to give life to your space.


Article Written By: Renata Biala
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

For the LOVE of Mirrors

Mirrors are and have been for a very long time considered a staple in any modern home and interior setting. Both functionally and aesthetically, mirrors can play a vital role in creating and circling energy within a space. Yes, in terms of function, we rely on a good mirror to help complete our look before rushing out into the world. While at the same time, with strategic placement, mirrors can add depth and brighten most interior spaces, as it reflects light and will help make your space feel more open.


In a conventional setting, mirrors are most commonly used in the bedroom pairing with a vanity set and floor mirrors within proximity of the wardrobe. Bathrooms and entranceways are another main location, which, work best when accented with good lighting. In the end, their presence can be subtle or elevated into a dramatic story. Either way, it is a great avenue to consider and have fun with when decorating your space.


The evolution of how mirrors are being used has changed in the mainstream market. Not only is it still trendy to use mirrors as wall décor, but also gallery walls are becoming a thing! Mixing and matching different sizes and style adds a bit of eclectic and personal flare, yet carries so much functional weight. Frames vary in shape, texture, size, and finish, just to name a few characteristics. These details can provide something for you and your guests to admire, while you admire yourself and admire your beautiful smile!


Written By Amanda Narain
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Need a Change, Add an Accent Wall!


If you’re tired of your same-coloured walls, but you love the colour scheme of everything else in your room, a refreshing change can be as simple as choosing an accent wall to bring to life with accessories. All-over wall accessories or wallpaper can be overkill for the entire room, but if used on an accent wall, can help tie the whole room together.

The important thing is to make it personal. The wall you chose might say something about you, and that’s what it truly means to feel at home. How can you show it?

Whether it’s where you like to sit and read a book, where your bar is or, where you and your family play board games; it can even be the wall your piano is against. A simple change can make a big difference.

To bring balance into a home is to take a look and see whether your furniture has subtle to no patterns or is it already very decorative itself? If you have a lot going on in the room, then you can stick to wall accents that will give light patterns to maintain harmony in the room, such as a mirror or subdued, light-coloured art. A tapestry or ornate patterns featured in a frame can also look great in a room that has clean and austere upholstery or finishes on the furniture.

That being said, wall accents are very personal choices. What matters most is that it says what you want to say!

Written By Newsha Hashemian
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Summer is Almost Over… Time for Something New!

Fall is the most amazing time of the year when we can start with new beginnings, and it almost always involves home decor. Because home is where the heart is, afterall.

Sometimes there is no need to make drastic changes. By adding small new accessories to the room, like new cozy rug or fresh bright toss pillows for your couch will change the room in an instant.

Maybe, add a floor lamp to your family room or change the lamp shade to a different shape and colour, that will give you the feeling of something new and fresh.

The colours of the fall are the most beautiful of all.

Don’t forget fresh bouquets of flowers, it will always make you happy.

Look forward to a change of season in amazing fall colours!

Written By Alla Wolfson
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

How to Choose Your Furniture

Everytime we need to start a project regarding the design of a room, there are a few things to take in consideration:

  • The first thing is to decide what is the room for. Once we decided that this is going to be our dining room, for example, we need to continue with our process.
  • Now to check the specifics for the room, such as the measurements of the room, the colours of the walls, and the type of floor we have, to make sure everything will blend harmoniously.


  • The next thing we need to decide is how many people we need to sit at the table, regularly and during get-togethers. Do we need extra dining storage, like a credenza or display cabinet, when guests come over?

  • What style of furniture do we like? Would you prefer solid wood, glass or metal?
  • How do you want this space to feel? Does this room have a lot of natural light or will the furniture need to be lighter in hue to make the space feel larger?
  • Are you looking for something different? Maybe we can choose neutral colours on the furniture with some accent colours on the accessories. Maybe we make a statement by choosing all chairs in different styles, or maybe all of them in different colours. Maybe a long bench on one of the sides. How wild can we go? To be honest, the sky is the limit!!! As long as we feel comfortable looking at it everyday, we can choose anything we want.

All these questions, if we are able to answer them thoroughly, are going to help us make better decisions. So you can create a beautiful room where all your favourite elements blend together, cohesively. 

Written By Adriana Glait
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]


A Comfortable Room is Key


Today’s lifestyle calls for a rethinking of furniture. The body yearns to feel comfortable whether you’re working at the dining table or eating a meal.

Many people have and will continue to work from home more frequently, so making it as comfortable and “STRESS-FREE” as possible is key to greater happiness. Many homes have open concept spaces, so every piece of furniture should feel inviting and versatile on purpose to accommodate everyone all at once.

Stressless reclining chairs are very popular because of their incredible comfort. They have used the same technology and applied it to their dining chairs and sofas, so every seat in the house can be instantly relaxing.

All Stressless seating moves as you change position, sensing your movements and quickly adapting to your body, ergonomically. Their full grain, high quality leathers also add to the overall feeling of comfort, as they are soft and supple, luxurious to the touch. With many styles to choose from, Stressless can ease into any style of home.

We can spend several hours sitting at the dining table as well as lounging on sofas, so make your home as stress-free as possible for the better. While colour trends come and go, we all know how we want our homes to make us feel.


Written By Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]