Redoing Your Home This Summer? Things to Keep in Mind


Redoing Your Home This Summer? Things to Keep in Mind

caroline-secftional-sofa-decoriumAre you planning to renovate your home, or better yet, redoing your home this summer? To do it right, redoing your home involves getting a little creative. You need to think out of the box without forgetting the needs of the season, like getting fresh air, staying cool and feeling playfully vibrant.


If you look at summers in general, you will notice that your interests and needs particularly change for this season. You want touches of brighter colours to remind you of the warmth of the sun. You look for more airy accommodations that provide ventilation while masking direct sun. You want to stay cool and calm but let out your whimsical side. So, here are a few things that you should necessarily keep in mind while redoing your home for the summertime.

Prepare to Get Some Air

Open up the space. You are going to want fresh air this summer. The quick and easiest way to get instant airyness is to remove any dark fabric curtains hanging along your windows. Only light, transparent and cotton fabrics should be used for the windows, maybe some blinds, but open them up! They will absorb the rough rays of the sun while allowing light and air to enter your home.

Let Fresh Flowers Bloom

abstract-pattern-glass-vase-decoriumThe light’s apt for fresh flowers! A little flower power will go a long way, making your home appear cooler, more fresh and beautiful. The warm summer fragrance will also light up the smell of these flowers. Small vases could be placed on your dinner table. In fact, if you are planning to do the outdoors of your home, you could pack some nice flowers in an urban garden and let them bloom. This will create a striking appearance for your home, with freshness abound. Ideally, grow some excellent summer flowers in your home for lasting effect!

Stay Cool and Vibrant

When planning to redo your home for summer, you should also focus on making home a lot cooler, considering the heat the season is set to bring on, but let’s not get too white. You should do up the home interiors with some light colors as a base. Light yellow or white touch up would be great for your home. You can have light-coloured framed art along the walls. Go for colours such as sky blue, white, off white, pink etc. Anything light is the ideal color of the season. Then, add in a few bright-coloured accessories to get into your happier, more whimsical moods. Find something eclectic and maybe even a little silly, just to make you smile everytime you enter the room. A little sparkle couldn’t do any harm either!

So think outside box and get rid of any sense of winter dreariness. Find that fresh air, stay cool and keep yourself feeling playfully vibrant all the while! Good luck!


Highlight – Decorium featured on The Marilyn Denis Show

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The Marilyn Denis Show | At Home | Sprucing Up your Rental

Design expert, Amanda Forrest shares ways that you can create a cozy space out of your rental that’s just right for you.

Decorium agrees with you, Amanda: “Accessorize with abandon!”

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Decorium featured on The Marilyn Denis Show

We were recently featured on The Marilyn Denis Show | At Home | Sprucing Up your Rental

Design expert, Amanda Forrest shares ways that you can create a cozy space out of your rental that’s just right for you.

Decorium agrees with you, Amanda: “Accessorize with abandon!”

Thank you for including us!

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We were recently featured on Cityline | Downsizing vs. Smart-sizing

Keep on the positive side! When moving into a smaller space, we should be thinking “smart-sizing”, not downsizing. Designer Kimberley Seldon from Kimberley Seldon Design Group talks with Tracy Moore on Cityline, featuring Decorium products.

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Illuminate your Dining Space, Brilliantly!

Bulbous Chandelier
Ask any photographer…lighting is everything. It illuminates, it sets a mood and it adds sparkle and shine, much like a statement piece of jewelry. Creating ambiance in the dining room is as easy as dialing down the brightness.

Consider these questions when purchasing a new light fixture. Is the dining room used as work table as well a dining table? Does the light switch only go on for large family functions? Is it where the family eats most of its meals? The answers to these questions will determine the type of illumination you need.

Wall SconceLayering the lighting in the space will take care of all those needs. Recessed lighting and pendants illuminate the entire space and is a primary source of lighting. Background lighting, in the form of wall sconces and track lighting, highlight areas of artwork or architectural or design features in the room.  Hanging pendants act as task lighting over a buffet or bar cart.





Gone are the days when crystal chandeliers blazed in all dining rooms. Do not get me wrong, there will always be room for a stunning statement piece in a traditional dining room.  A sleek and modern pendant or vintage ceiling-mount all have a place at the table.  Achieve a contemporary look with recessed lighting and/or a pendant fixture, featuring clean lines and bold colours. Throwing in unexpected materials, such as polycarbonate or smoked glass creates a refined, yet mod look. Keep accent lighting simple with clean lines to pull the space together. The Edison bulb heats up contemporary lighting scheme with retro flair.

PendantProportion is important when picking a chandelier. Hang the central fixture 30-36” above the tabletop if your ceiling is 8’ and add 3” using an extension or chain, for each additional foot your ceiling reaches. The style and size of the fixture also impacts the height and placement as well.

Light up your life this winter with a sparkling new light fixture! It will throw new light on a dining room.


Design Advice by Ame Weatherup, Design Consultant Decorium

Highlight: Decorium was Featured on The Marilyn Denis Show

We were recently featured on:

The Marilyn Denis Show | At Home | Holiday Home Makeover

We wanted to share. Thank you Amanda Forrest for mentioning us!

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Leather: An Integral Part of Modern Furniture Themes These Days

Jules Sectional 901515 ReducedLeather gives your furniture a larger than life look and, you just cannot deny that. When you buy leather furniture, you can see a noticeable difference in the way it appears and decorates your home. Leather has been in vogue since ages and even today it has not really lost its charm. Yes, leather may be a bit expensive but there’s nothing like leather furniture to make sure your home looks beautiful and aesthetic.

Types of Leather Grains

It is the look and feel of genuine leather that sends desirable signals to your brain. If you have noticed a certain embossed pattern on the texture of your leather furniture, then you should know that pattern is called a grain. // read more

Decorium featured on The Marilyn Denis Show

We were recently featured on The Marilyn Denis Show | At Home | Holiday Home Makeover

Featuring fabulous tips for bringing the holidays inside your own home and using non-traditional holiday colors.

Thank you for including us!

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Goldilocks and the Three Chairs – Stressless Innovative Recliners

Goldilocks and the Three ChairsRemember “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? How the big daddy chair was too high, the middle-sized mommy chair was too soft and the baby chair was just right?

Stressless, just like in the story, makes their recliners in Small, Medium and Large sizes to ensure you find the perfect fit for you. Each built with 40 years of comfort technology, their incredible seat innovations can help you get more comfortable than you’ve ever felt before. Available in fabric and leather, with alternate finish options and many accessories, you can really customize and design the ideal recliner for your home.

Stressless products are originally designed in Norway to be the most comfortable reclining system in the world. The patented Stressless glide system automatically adjusts to balance you perfectly in every position with ease. The reason the Stressless chair is so uniquely comfortable is that it is designed to be orthopedically correct, with full lumbar support, even in the upright position. These recliners relax quietly as you recline, automatically and gradually with no button to push or levers to pull. The headrest moves to support your head, and with just one adjustment, you can easily lay the headrest flat for optimum comfort when you want to rest, recline or even sleep.

Leather and Fabric Options

Stressless uses only superior leathers and fabrics. There are four leather grades. Batick is a great entry-level choice for families with children and pets. It’s easy to clean and breathes well. Classic is extremely durable and easy to care for. // read more