Coveting Now at Decorium! Top 3 New Collection Items


Coveting Now at Decorium! Top 3 New Collection Items

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We simply couldn’t wait to show you our greatest!

Here are 3 of our latest and most coveted items now available here at Decorium. Of course, all of these items are on display in our showrooms and you can order the complete collection in-store. Come on in and visit us, see for yourself!

Here we go…

Prosecco Ridge Writing Desk in Ivory SKU 057960

Prosecco Ridge – Writing Desk – SKU 057960:

Get drawn into your writing, delightfully, with this wonder. Ornate and shapely, with drop-front keyboard drawer and two petit storage drawers, this office collection instantly catches the imagination and holds your attention. Durably constructed with poplar and hardwood solids and completed in an ivory finish with gold accents. Matching chair, decorative bookcase, and lateral file chest available to order in-store. Finish only as shown.

Ella Francesca King Bed with Linen SKU 902025Ella Francesca – King Upholstered Bed – SKU 902025:

Get enraptured gracefully, tenderly. Upholstered King Bed shown here in extraordinary Belgian-style linen and naturally-finished hardwoods. Assure yourself in splendid, romantic dreaming. Hand-carved to create more restful, magnificent style. Complete collection available to order in-store. Available in King and Queen sizes.

Mill Street Striped Accent Chair SKU 055627

Mill Street – Striped Accent Chair – SKU 055627:

Let personality shine through! Striped cream fabric accent chair shown here with dark fumed-finished oak arms. Select fabrics available to custom order. Part of our exciting new Mill Street collection, this inspiring, artistic, unique bedroom, dining and living room series offers extraordinary craftsmanship and outstanding presentation. Complete collection available to order in-store. Best for incredibly-made plans.

See and get them now, while you really can! 


Decorium – Beautiful Furniture at Discount Prices in Toronto on Vimeo

“We like to be a part of everyone’s home. Definitely, Decorium!”

Click the link to watch our latest video segment on many of the beautiful items we feature everyday:

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Decorium – Beautiful Furniture at Discount Prices in Toronto

Decorium – Beautiful Furniture at Discount Prices in Toronto from FS Local on Vimeo.

“We like to be a part of everyone’s home. Definitely, Decorium!”

Featuring many of the beautiful products we feature in our store everyday.


Highlight – Amanda Forrest uses Chic Pastels on The Marilyn Denis Show, featuring Decorium products

We were recently featured on:

 The Marilyn Denis Show | Episodes | Thursday, April 3, 2014 | Chic Pastels

Design expert, Amanda Forrest shares ways to decorate your dining room in creative, chic pastels.

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Two featured items are available at Decorium now:

Temporal Dining Side Chair SKU 053371

Fleming Dining Table SKU 901847

Amanda Forrest uses Chic Pastels on The Marilyn Denis Show, featuring Decorium products

We were recently featured on The Marilyn Denis Show | Episodes | Thursday, April 3, 2014 | Chic Pastels.

Design expert, Amanda Forrest shares ways to decorate your dining room in creative, chic pastels.

Thank you for including us!

Watch the video:


Overwhelmed? Book a Design Consultant from Decorium

Marseille Boulevard Dining Table SKU 056284

As a Design Consultant at Decorium, I help clients with decorating projects large and small. Some simply want advice on the right accent piece and that’s easy. But when a client approaches me and tells me they need to furnish the entire home and they don’t know where to start, the answer’s the same: “Don’t panic! I can help you.”

Engaging the help of a designer is a fantastic way to bounce around ideas for your space. You have an idea what you want and we can help bring your idea to life.

Here’s how the process works:

•    We meet at the store – you bring any floorplans, paint colours and/or pictures of what you like
•    We explore the showroom, refining your style, zeroing in on the look and selecting pieces
•    We meet at your home where I take accurate measurements
•    We photograph the space as it is now
•    We photograph the furniture and decor you want to maintain in the space

Mill Street King BedOnce we’ve gathered all the information and discussed the plan in detail, I work at creating a number of design options to consider.

There are many factors that contribute to the various decorating solutions:

•    your taste and style
•    usage needs for each space
•    the project budget

Once you’ve made a decision on the overall concept, we begin to turn the inspiration into reality:

•    You decide which rooms you want ready first, then we complete one room at a time from top to bottom.
•    I sketch the rooms with variable configurations
•    We select main pieces for each room, as well as fabrics and colours, then accessorize once the furniture is in place

Ultimately, when helping to redesign a space, it’s important to build a comfortable working relationship with the client. When we start from a place of trust, I can help create a unique and personalized design expression within your home. Together, we can have a lot of fun and create a home that you can be proud to showcase.

By Adriana Glait, Design Consultant at Decorium


Five Easy Ways to Create a Beautiful, Vibrant Space

Xavier House Console

535321.      Artwork and Wall Decor – Select wall décor that relates to the room’s theme or style. This can found in the colours used, the energy displayed in the imagery, the memories the work evokes. If you have multiple pieces, group them together in an interesting array. Artwork is the fastest way to create striking focal points in a room, with vitality and vigor, that always brings out so much personality.

547502.      Toss Pillows – Toss pillows with vibrant colours and patterns, are a fabulous and fun way to introduce wow factor to a room. Be brave and select patterns and textures that are unique and trendy. The designs should make you smile!

3.      Lighting – Lighting is incredibly important and will set the tone for the living space.   Depending on the room, make sure to choose a light fixture that creates the mood you are trying to achieve, for that space. If the room needs to be brighter, decide whether you want light to bounce indirectly off the ceilings. Think about whether a pendant or shimmering chandelier would add the right ambiance. If you like to sit under a table or floor lamp in the space, make sure you include one as part of the room design. Whatever you decide, for more intimate evenings, dimmers are an absolute must, whether it is the bedroom, dining or living room!

530294.      Mirrors – Mirrors reflect light and will make your room feel larger and brighter instantly. Select a shape that flatters the décor and height of the ceiling. Think about the size(s) you might need. Round-shaped mirrors are perfect for breaking up too many right angles. Long, rectangular mirrors are great for creating an illusion of higher ceilings. Interesting, geometric mirrors can also add that extra light and dynamism the room might need.

5.      Flowers – Fresh or artificial, flowers will always be a beautiful way to soften and add a more organic look. Choose the flowers that suit the style you have created. By bringing a taste of the outdoors inside, your home will feel more relaxed, fresh and full of life!

Design Advice by Renata Biala, Design Consultant Decorium


FSLocal Post: A Gathering Place – The Importance of the Dining Room

Here is an article focusing on the significance of finding the right dining room for you, written by our own Ellen Zworth, Design Consultant at the Supertest store!

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How to Design a Home Office Before You Shop

templeton_sku_049340_276Working from home seems to be trending more and more in recent times. Especially as roles are becoming increasingly mobile and on-line, work can be on-the-go nearly anytime of day. In the event you are a small business, your home office may be your only real workspace.

So, you know you need a home office, but what can you do (before buying anything) to make sure you stay on task and work comfortably?

Dedicate your home office as a work space only. You don’t necessarily have to have a separate room. You can choose to have a small area designated as a working area. Like the cubby below the stairs or a corner in a room can work really well. Any hobbies or other aspects of your personal life work should be conducted elsewhere. With a dedicated workspace, you can focus on tasks, maintain discipline, and ensure you always have enough space to work with all the materials ready to hand.

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Highlight – Kimberley Seldon talks Downsizing vs. Smart-sizing on Cityline, featuring Decorium products!

Downsizing vs. Smart-sizing

Keep on the positive side! When moving into a smaller space, we should be thinking “smart-sizing”, not downsizing. Designer Kimberley Seldon from Kimberley Seldon Design Group talks with Tracy Moore on Cityline, featuring Decorium products!

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