Mixing Metals in the Home: The Alchemy of Design by Victoria Manning

Mixing Metals in the Home: The Alchemy of Design by Victoria Manning

Featuring design advice by Victoria Manning, Design Consultant at Decorium.

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How to Choose a Dining Table for your New House

Aidan Metal Chair in Yellow SKU 055838When you buy a new house, family time becomes extremely important. Creating a comfortable environment where everyone can share new ideas and experiences is a challenge. The dining room is often that special meeting place.

For the dining room or kitchen, the table is a focal place, where family members can have a meal together and talk about aspects of their day with one other. The dining room furniture is best when it can meet the needs of every family member throughout the day. In a new house, these precious moments are especially important, to make the new surroundings familiar and more welcoming for everyone.

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Highlight: Behind the Business with Steve Forberg

“We aim to be the Canada’s first choice for top quality, beautiful furniture that isn’t priced out of reach and our goal is to offer something for everyone.” 

Steve Forberg, CEO of Decorium, discusses life at the head of a successful company, maintaining his family legacy, and what it takes to succeed.

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Ekornes Stressless Furniture: Size Up Your Need for Lasting Comfort

Blues in Royalin White LeatherIt is very easy to get stumped when trying to figure out key pieces for your home, especially when it comes to sofas and accent chairs. Many home-owners are keen to buy one-of-a-kind furniture that complements the new or original home décor while achieving optimal comfort. Attaining that balance can be a real challenge.

However, if you’re striving for greater comfort with modern style that will last, Ekornes Stressless furniture easily comes to mind. Quality-designed, with incredible style and maximum ergonomic comfort built right into every product, Stressless is awe-inspiring with just how wonderful their products really are over the long term. As long you know the size of your space available, you can find all the variety you need to get more “stressless” with Stressless!

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HomeStars U Video: Top 5 Furniture Trends with Steve Forberg

Steve Forberg from Decorium Furniture discusses the pieces defining today’s eclectic home furnishing look and several of the latest trends.

Designed to Relax: Create a High-End Hotel Room at Home

Featuring design advice by Narges Moatamadi, Design Consultant at Decorium.

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Decorating for Small Condos – Decorium’s Advice? Size Matters!

Featuring design advice by Marta Wojtal, Design Consultant at Decorium.

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Get Sensational: Add spice in your home with Moroccan Home Decor

Yonge Street Moroccan ThemeThe vibrancy and fervor of Moroccan decor is second to none. The colours, textures and designs are incredible. With that energy in mind, we invite you to get sensational in your new home decor.

Capturing that intensity is a challenge…

Yonge Street Moroccan Theme 2What comes to mind when you think of Morocco?

Where is your focus?

Do warm earthy tones of sandstone buildings in Marrakech – with their simple design and scattered shocks of brightly coloured goods for sale – float through your senses?

What about the highly textural scene of Fes, like a giant watercolour palette, with the array of intricate patterns and layers of urban buildings?

How about the crisp blue and white coastal scene of Essaouira with its fresh Atlantic breeze?

Our staff at our Yonge St. location were asked how they would incorporate the flavor of Morocco into their own home. They found the challenge thrilling:

Artem sees a tone on tone, minimalist background setting the stage for interesting, well-placed brightly coloured objects – like our leather poufs and ceramic pieces – with the highlight of a strong accent wall.

Yonge Street Store Moroccan Blog 2Mehdi would designate a room that mainly focuses on relaxation and a getaway at the end of the day – layers of bright colours, textures and patterns covering all 5 walls with different poufs and floor cushions, hanging textiles and rugs with pendant lights to complete an exotic sense of place.

Victoria loves the idea of a fresh feel throughout – playing with the main colours of indigo and cloud white, while adding different accents of teal and touches of a hot red. Classic hand-woven textiles and mosaic-style mirrors would act as her main focal points.

So, if the taste of something new is lingering on your palette, come speak with our professional, creative staff about your vision of Morocco. We are delighted to inspire you and help add more spice in your home!

Yonge Street Moroccan Theme 3


Buying a Sofa? 5 Effective Tips Not To Be Missed!

Lea Sofa SKU 058257If you ever thought buying sofa was easy, think again! This could be one of the toughest tasks you come across. Buying attractive yet affordable furniture for your living space can be an expensive investment, especially if you make the wrong decisions. You have to choose your sofa wisely. A great choice will not only add to the overall beauty of your home but define comfort for you and those who visit your place.

So, are there easy rules when buying a sofa? The principle seems simple enough:

Small Room = Small Sofa

Big Room = Big Sofa

In actual fact, you need to be a little more selective. Take into consideration sense of style, colour and affordability when hunting for sofas for your home. If you are looking for condo-size or smaller scale sofas, even more so, since your space is precious and limited.

The name of your day-to-day sofa of course is known by many names. It can be called a sofa, a divan, a settee, couch or davenport. Even though you may call this piece of furniture whatever you like, the purpose is still the same.

To get the perfect blend of comfort, style and elegance, here are a few tips you should keep in the loop:

1. Size does matter. The size of your sofa is extremely important. No choice should be such that it either makes the space crowded or underwhelmed. Measure your space before you even decide to walk out the door and go shopping. With so many alluring and up-beat sets out there, it is easy to think, “Oh yeah, that one’ll work” when in fact, the size simply isn’t right. Also, you have to be able to fit the sofa through the doors of your home, so measure the doors and hallways as well, just to be sure. If you still need a little help getting a sofa with the right measurements, there are plenty of professionals in furniture stores who can help (i.e., Decorium, with our sales staff who provide free interior decorating services in-store).

2. Right shade plays safe. Afterall, things need to match. Getting the right shade will enhance your look and bring out your best features, just like when you buy clothes. Treating the accessories like jewelry for the outfit, that can be changed conveniently, will help tremendously. Choosing a sofa in solid, earthen-toned colours that complement almost anything, such as dark brown, charcoal grey or ivory will work wonders and invite compliments for your sense of timeless style. If you want to make small changes according to the seasons, keep different coloured or patterned pillows, to bring out when the time is right. Subtle changes with accessories can make big differences.

3. Nothing comes beyond comfort. There is famous saying that defines, “An elegant design is not just about looks, it is also about the purpose.” Never get blown away by the look of your sofa – it has to be comfortable! Remember, if it is not comfy enough to make your sitting or resting easier, it will soon find a place in storage or on a curb for someone else. Avoid that expensive mistake!

4. Shape to suit your interior. It’s alright to get a little inventive. Normally, when you think of a sofa, it’s just a dull rectangle. Well, not anymore! There are so many more shapes on the market nowadays, so indulge your senses! If you have a small-sized room, try a sofa with delightfully curved back and arms, maybe even in leather, to add something sumptuous and gorgeous to your space that everyone will notice. The Henley sofa is a beautiful example:

Henley Leather Sofa SKU 044180

5. Fabric defines your sense of style. A lavish, delightful and eye-pleasing microfibre or velvet-feel is ideal fabric for luxurious homes. But so is the elegance of leather. Whatever your choice, the cover of the sofa should always feel right, regardless of the weather outside. Don’t skimp on the quality of the cover. The thicker and higher grade of fabric or leather, the more likely it will last, continue to look stunning, and feel just as good as it did years later (if not better) than the day you bought it.

Hopefully now, you will remember to buy your finest, but also one that suits your budget. Look around and browse online to find exactly what you’re looking for.

At Decorium, we offer every single custom option available with all our upholstered items. Chances are, with us, you can get that couch you’ve always dreamed of. Come in-store and take a look. We’d love to have you visit!


The Increasing Importance of Home Office Furniture

Prosecco Ridge Writing Desk in Ivory SKU 057960_447With the worldwide development of the telecommunication industry, working from the comfort of home to any corner of the world has become incredibly easy.

These days there are more people moving toward working from home and using mobile offices, even several days out of the week. This shift has increased the popularity and need for good home office furniture. Gone were the days when a home office was nothing less than a student’s desk with a chair to complete it. Today’s working professional demands nothing less than excellent functionality and durability, with computers, laptops and storage capabilities in mind.

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