Creative Use of Space – The Cabinet Bed

Creative Use of Space – The Cabinet Bed

Featured on FS Local, Design Consultant Ellen Zworth opens our eyes to new ways of honing in on the creative use of space, and introduces us to the alluring Cabinet Bed.

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Musings – Finding vs shopping

Some call it shopping.

We call it finding. – Because the latter suggests a match, not a purchase.

Finding is discovering new things to love, joining the ones you already cherish.




Styles change, lamps change, rooms change. You switch them up, embellish them, adorn them and create a place for yourself, your friends, and your family.


Ethan Curio Cabinet 62203 RS


Your home should be and is as eclectic as you are worldly, bright, and or modern.

It changes and grows with your love, thoughtful design, and the inspiration that surrounds us.


Barbara Park Ent Console 62317 RS

And we keep finding, collecting, and sharing with one another…

For the thrill of the hunt, the constant pursuit of beautiful things.

Because the story of your home is never quite complete.

And because design is never done.

Article Written By: Lisba Selbo, Designer and manager at Decorium on Yonge. 

         [email protected]

LIVING WITH COLOUR – 2016 Design Trends by Decorium

This month on FS Local, design consultant Tara Bennett gives expert advice on 2016 design trends by Decorium.

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Stay on Trend with Home Décor

By incorporating trends you can see a dramatic change in your space and over all home decor.

Bold Colors:

Try adding bold coloured pillows to your neutral coloured sofa to keep your room looking fresh and current. Cushions are more than just for comfort; cushions accentuate your décor colors and bring life to a tired sofa.

Ellen capella



Black gives a space sophistication and drama.



Geometric Patterns:

Scrolled or geometric patterns are on trend. i.e console table or an area rug.

ellen's blog



Mid-century Modern:

Inspired from the 80s & 90s, mid-century modern is trending now. For example, sofas on high legs or console tables with hair pin legs. Try a live edge table in reclaimed wood to give your room warmth.




Metal Finishes:

You can mix and match metals in your space. Sometimes chrome can be cold. Introduce warm gold, nickel, and bronze for a touch of glamour. Rose gold is also a current trend i.e. this dazzling mirror frame.




Rustic & Distressed pieces:

Choose a desk or hall table. When placed in a room with modern or traditional furniture, it creates interest and contrast in the room.


lysander  57955 rs



Inspirational Pictures:

Art can not only be abstract, floral, landscape or figurative, but also inspirational. Try to put a piece of art with the word ‘LOVE’ to add personality to your space.

ellen love ellen beautiful


Article Written By Ellen Zworth, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest 

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Reclining Chairs and Sofas – A “Stressless” en-devour


When looking for comfort reclining chairs and sofas, consider Ekornes’ “Stressless” brand.


 The company was founded in 1934 and patented the line in 1971. Stressless chairs are available in various sizes to suit all comfort levels. Sit back and feel the stress melt away.

Dream Chair & Ottoman

It is also recommended by the National Chiropractor Association.


When you purchase a Stressless chair, you are investing in many years of comfort and effortless support for your body.

OttoTable RS

“I love Stressless”.


Article Written by: Betty Tan, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest, [email protected]



Back To School Design – 6 Tips For Redecorating A Child’s Bedroom

Decorium’s Executive Media Buyer Tara Lindsay discusses, on FSLocal, amazing and innovative design tips on redecorating your child’s bedroom for back to school season.  Click the link below to view the whole article!



Home Design Inspiration

Inspiration comes from all walks of life, in many shapes and sizes; often when we’re not even looking for it.

Brought on by a change in perspective, sometimes inspiration reveals itself in places we would have never thought to look.

Hiding in plain sight, we present these famous inspirational quotes, to feed the mind and spark alternative design concepts/themes; and to ultimately help you turn your home into a sanctuary.


“You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”

                                                                  Mark Twain

So come into Decorium to celebrate your vision and embrace your imagination.

Broderick Hill Bed RS


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

                      Marcel Proust

Visit Decorium and “see” our gorgeous collections.

Alexina Bed


“Inspiration is an awareness that you cultivate”

So choose your teachers wisely and visit Decorium for the elegant, the whimsical, the modern and the classic.

Angelina 3pc Sectional SKU 902159Sawyer End Table 63800 Silo

Metropolitan rs          Carlington shot

Article Written By: Lisba Selbo, Interior Designer & Manager at Decorium on Yonge

         [email protected]


Luxury In Mirrored Furniture

Would you like to create charming and luxurious rooms? Jump into this year’s latest trend, using mirrored furniture.

Modern furniture with mirrored surfaces is an ideal way to transform average rooms into amazing and unique spaces.

For the most part, mirrored furniture pieces reflect lots of light, making the interior design of any room feel brighter. Classic or modern, the mirrored furniture look is a gorgeous design scheme that fits any room.

Make the space look as glamorous as the movies of the 30s, just by adding a striking piece like a console or dresser. Mirrored furniture items bring character to interior design and create an exceptional atmosphere; elegant in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

Finally, this new trend gives us a fantastic alternative to achieve contemporary spaces, brighter and more luxurious.


Mina Console Table 62058             Tula Accent Chest

August_RS_62335                Garry Credenza

Advice By: Carolina Remer, Design Consultant at Decorium Furniture on Supertest. 

       [email protected]


Bringing the indoors out!

When creating your outdoor living space, choosing a sheltered part of the garden is essential, especially if you want to bring some soft furniture outside. A covered pergola or awnings are good options to bring an indoor inspired room, outdoors.


patio 1 patio 2

patio 3.jpg

This space is one you can have fun with and be totally creative when adding decorative pieces that would normally be seen indoors. A large mirror, lanterns for candles or a coffee table with some nice pieces on it all can be added to outdoor rooms.

Antique Metal LanternPlain MirrorRhodes Wheel Cocktail Table


A rustic dining table for entertaining fits perfectly into your outdoor paradise. You can also use rustic rattan table mats as well as coloured glasses and dishes to brighten up the room.

Set Table




Varying patio layers will help create different areas to mingle and relax with family and friends. Sisal stitched rugs are an excellent way to not only add comfort and a sense of coziness, but also to use as a room divider for varying patio layers.


Costal BrownCoastal detail

Depending on the space available, you can create an outdoor oasis that includes a living and dining space. Your backyard patio can feel like home with a little creativity.


Advice by: Anna Carullo, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest. 

      [email protected]

Iron Tree Sculpture

Trending Accessories

Bring the serenity from your yoga or meditation time into your home. Decorate with Buddha accents, like sculptures and wall art with bamboo or lotus zen accents, while altogether keeping simple form and peaceful ambiance.  If you prefer a retreat type mood, consider adding accents made of organic materials such as wood or clay, like a Mayan sun disc.

Buddha Statue 3 Hear No EvilBuddha Statue 1 See No EvilIron Tree SculptureAppleton RS



Advice by: Susan Lucia, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest. 

[email protected]