The Grey Sofa


The Grey Sofa

A grey sofa might just be the best choice for your next family room or living room sofa. When looking for a couch to situate in these places, sometimes people feel disoriented and confused because they do not know what color to choose. When this happens, the best solution is to choose a neutral colour that goes with anything. When in doubt I use Grey; in all its tones.

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Design a space that fits your needs

With the current decrease of square footage in a home, it is sometimes hard to select the right furniture and ultimately design a space that fits your needs.

At times, many people find themselves doing work in bed, and at the same time, it’s too often that our kids are doing their homework at the dinner table. This type of behavior can cause us develop bad habits without even realizing it. Working under poor light can negatively affect the eyes while siting in the wrong position for prolonged periods of time can also significantly affect our health.

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Have a Seat – Accent Chairs and Sectionals For Any Space

Featured this week on FS Local, our Design Consultant Marta Wojtal gives a helpful lecture on accent chairs and sectionals.

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Fabric Selection

With endless materials, grades and patterns to choose from, fabric has the power to transform any bleak living area into a cozy and relaxing setting. Fabric selection can be overwhelming, but the right type will give you and your guests a warm feeling in your home.

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New Years With New Furniture

Entering into a New Year we thrive for a fresh start, and what better place to begin than your home. When we create a comfortable and inspiring place to surround ourselves with, everything else seems to begin to fall into place. Infuse your space with new trends for 2016 including natural elements combined with modern clean lines.  Warm wood tables and leather sectionals, embellished with animal prints and metallic accents, are some key pieces to include. Get a head start now, while the deals are still hot!

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Mixing Old With New Furniture

Whenever you mix different styles of furniture in the same room, you create a look that has richness and depth. One way to do it is by choosing a colour palette to bring all the pieces together. Mixing old with new furniture can generate a uniquely eclectic look. The key is to find the right way to do it so the space doesn’t look chaotic.

There are many different reasons we want to keep our old furniture, but regardless of why, keeping those sacred pieces can be very rewarding, as long as you’re up for the challenge.

Here are some hypothetical situations that someone might encounter, and our recommended alternate solution to the problem.


Let’s say you have a traditional bedroom set and you came to the conclusion that it’s time for a change. You absolutely love your bed and would love to keep it. One of the ways to do so is leave the bed as is, take the night stands and paint them or refinish them in a completely different colour or finish, change the hardware and voila, you’ve got yourself a new set. Another solution is to get rid of them and get two mirrored night stands which will add sophistication to the room and refresh it dramatically.

Malena Night Stand RS


In your family room, you have an extremely comfortable and modern leather sectional that you would love to keep because everybody in your family adores it, but you recently inherited a set of traditional style tables from your grandmother that you want to keep for sentimental reasons.

How do you bring all these pieces together?

Go ahead and set them up with you sectional with a modern pair of lamps, a beautiful shag area rug and you’ve done it again.


Hallstatt linking Table


A + B = C

You currently have a classic dining set but have been looking at décor magazines and just discovered your love for the industrial look. You would like to incorporate this style to your set but how? Look for a rustic credenza that you really love, add a couple of classic table lamps and you did it once more.

Carlington Grounds Buffet par RS

Boho Grove Console Table Roomscene


While colours, accessories, drapes and other ambient elements are all very good sources to mesh old and modern styles, they can also help create a whole new style all together. As well, you can combine different styles of furniture in the same room to get a completely new design concept, but this is not for everybody.  This look will only work if you are able to live with it every day, if you are a risk taker or if you want to create a statement in the room.Fleur_steel_kitchen_environmentMia Bar Stool 64160 RS


Always, get advice from a specialist if you are not sure how to proceed.

Article Written by: Adriana Glait, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest.

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Fight The Winter Blues

Along with the joy of the holiday season, Canadians have to fight the winter blues. We spend much more time indoors during the winter, so we should create cozy, joyous and warm spaces. Here are some options from Decorium to create a lovely living room for those few months of hibernation.  Make sure to use effective lighting, cozy blankets, and wood pieces to bring warmth into your homes.

Alana Fabric Sofa 65060 Silo 1Louise Nesting Tables 64410 Silo

Harriet Faux White Fur Pouf Ottoman                      Rico Espinet Candelaria Large Chandelier

Nadia Accent Throw 64371 SiloAntoni Table Lamp


Article Written By: Tara Bennett, Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge. 

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The Dining Room

It seems that we all have busy schedules and the formal dining room is running the risk of becoming obsolete in many homes. But I am a firm believer in the benefits of a proper place to dine. When you gather around a table and share a meal, unplugged from work and technology, you have the opportunity to connect with family and friends, engage in dialogue, and celebrate milestones big and small.Alexina Round Dining Table 902368 RS

The design of the dining room should represent your personal style i.e. modern, traditional, classical or retro. There is always something warm and wonderful about celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, festivals and holidays, and intimate dinner parties in one’s home with the special people in their lives.

Eliana Dining Room RSArticle Written By: Ellen Zworth, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest. 

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Picking The Perfect Accent Chair

What makes the perfect accent chair? Depending on your decor and your personal preferences there are endless options to choose from to harmonize your living space.

Whether your look is traditional or contemporary, a stylish accent chair adds colour and personality to your space. A great example of this would be a Stressless chair and ottoman. This showpiece is covered in top grain leather and is available in a variety of colours.


City Low Back RS


Contemporary chairs make great accents as well! Brighten your space with a fun and functional chair that has distinct features, like a tufted back and seat, distressed wood base and legs and a fun carved design. For example, this chair below makes a chic addition to a living space.

Palmira-Accent-ChairPalmira 63386 B

Classic wood framed chair are another type of accent chair that will be a stately addition to any room. For example, this chair below radiates an elegant ambiance with its hand carved wooden frame and luxe fabric. Although all chairs are functional, a chair is not just a chair, it can be the statement piece in your room that brings everything together.


Aida_RS1_59489 good


Article Written By: Marta Wojtal, Design ?Consultant at Decorium, on Supertest.  

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Ermine Accent Pillow

How to cozy up your room for winter

It won’t be long before the weather gets cold and winter hits us full force. It can be fun to make some easy changes around your house to prepare for cool weather.

1. Use warm blankets, Faux for pillows, Throws, different shape and texture.

Snowman Accent Throw 64373 Silo Gigi Accent Throw 64374 Silo Sable Accent Throw White Mink Accent Throw

Moby Accent Cushion 64353 SiloErmine Accent Pillow

They feel so warm and soft, before you notice the whole family will snuggle under the cozy blanket.


2. Cowhide Accessories: Area rugs, cowhide stools, benches are very trendy this year; and will transform your area with amazing effect.

Aida-Hide-Accent-ChairCassadine Accent Bench 64344 SiloBrazilian Brown Silver 64514 Silo Brazilian Zebra Gold 64510 Silo

3. Scented Candles:

They bring light, joy and peace; and emit soothing sense of calm to make you happy.


Hour Glass Candle Holder 61593 silo Flute Ball CandleholderTwig CandlerholderSilver Pillar Holder 65421 Silo


Article Written By: Renata Biala, Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertes

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