Small space designing and tips


Small space designing and tips


With the surge of condos, the need for small furniture that maximizes the potential of the space is growing. People need to take advantage of each nook and cranny but still want to be comfortable and stylish. Here are some tips:


Multi-functional furniture


Atton Writing Desk


Look for pieces that have more than one use. If you need a desk but don’t have enough room, look for a dining table that will meet both needs. If you tend to have guests stay overnight, invest in a sofa bed which will maximize the use of your space. Coffee tables with shelves, storage ottoman are also great space savers.



wire chair and mirror


Mirrors are a great way to make any room seem larger. If you position them across from a window it will be a great spot to receive natural light and reflect it to the rest of the room.


Translucent furniture

prism shot


A great idea for tables and chairs is to select clear/glass materials. This allows for more light to travel through the small space and decrease visual cramping.


Save space

Strawberry Creek Storage Rack


Invest in large bookcases that can serve multiple storage needs. This can be placed in a central location and store books, dishes, bins, baskets, treasures, linens, and office supplies.


Furniture placement

Many condominiums feature open concept living spaces and furniture is a great way to divide it up. For instance, it might make sense to place your sofa in the middle of the room and the tv on the wall facing it. You can then place a console or buffet behind it which can be used to store items for both living and dining.


Avoid matching

Select fabrics for your furniture in a variety prints, patterns and textures.  It will create a cozy, welcoming environment that will also distract from the size of the space.



When selecting rugs for a small space, leave room for your flooring to be visible. A rug will anchor your furniture. To make the room appear bigger, choose an area rug in a light color.



Potters Ceiling Lamp


Use chandeliers or pendant lights to create a focal point in the room. The use of lamps will also make your space warmer and seem bigger.


Choosing larger pieces of art to hang on your wall can make a room seem bigger.


Wall colour

When selecting a paint colour for a smaller space, it is important to choose a light colour which will make the space seem bigger and brighter.


Article Written By: Tara Bennett, Design Consultant at Decorium, Yonge Street


5 Ways to Make a Space Feel Larger

1.   Light colours.

This tactic is all about creating the optical illusion of a larger space. Reflecting more light and decorating a room in lighter hues will trick the eyes into believing a room is bigger and brighter. Cream colours and icy blues is a fabulous and trendy colour combination that can really convert a tiny interior into what feels like a bigger living space.

may 5th 2015 blog


Painting walls in lighter colours will also reflect more light, making a space feel open and airy. If you paint your wall trim and moldings in an even lighter colour than your walls, the wall will appear further back in the space, making your room appear larger.

Always remember that dark colors absorb light and make a room feel smaller.

 2.   Mirrors and glass.

Maximize light using mirrors and glass to create even more reflections and softly bounce light around the space.

You can do this with furniture items that feature more mirror and glass accents, rather than solid wood or opaque colours.



3.   Window coverings.

Consider streamlining your window coverings, so they don’t take over a room. Avoid bulky window coverings that hide away light!

Shorten any long-flowing curtains, so they don’t pool on the floor, or try tying drapes back tightly, away from the windows.

Another trick is to create a vertical illusion with striped fabric in lighter colours. This will give a small space the illusion of higher ceilings.

4.   Furniture

The taller your couch, table, bed and other furnishings, the more floor space is opened up – this makes your place look that much bigger!

Then, use a bright-coloured rug across the floor of your living space. This technique will draw the viewer’s eye across the room, making the distance seem farther away than it actually is.



5.   Lighting

Add additional lighting for the night time and special occasions. This will add visual layers of ambiance, making the room feel more spacious.

Hang a chandelier. Suspending a light or chandelier in your room will give the room a feeling of grandeur, especially if it is clear or silver. Placing it closer to the ceiling will also draw the eyes upward, making the room feel taller. Using a floor lamp will give you a vertical illusion of a higher ceiling and provide more light as well. Taller table lamps with light-coloured shades will also make your room feel brighter and larger.

Julia Lane Upholstered Chair


Design advice by:

Artem Gurikov, Design Consultant at Decorium.


About Colour

The ability to see colour is achieved by the visual interpretation of light interacting the light receptors in the eye.  In 1708, Claude Boutet presented us with these colour circles, which remain the basis of our current colour wheel.


Different colours range from 3 to several  thousand:

  • Red, Yellow & Blue are Primary Colours which can’t be mixed from any other colours.
  • Corresponding Secondary Colours form another traid – Orange, Green & Purple. They are made by mixing equal parts of 2 primary colours.

The Tertiary group of colours are Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Violet, Red-Violet, Red-Orange, and Yellow-Orange – all made by mixing equal parts of primary and the second colour next to it on the colour wheel.

To create a harmonious colour scheme in your room, use more subtle colour relationships than contrasts. Be happy and content in your home with your favourite colour combinations.


Written by:

Lisba Selbo, Manager at Decorium Yonge Street


How to Create a Reading Oasis in Your Home

“To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, idea, shared experience and the fruit of many inquiries.” – A.C. Grayling

Caitlyn Wing Chair Aveline Collection Bookshelves



A reading oasis is an escape for the curious and the intellectual mind. In order to start creating your reading oasis, you need 2 basic elements: a favourite spot in your home and a comfy chair.

While you only need 2 basic elements, there is more to consider when creating your dream oasis. Choose a location near natural light or add your own warm lighting to create the best reading conditions. With the popularity of e-readers ever expanding, make sure to pick a spot where there is an outlet present, if you use an e-reader. This way you do not interrupt your reading when you are running low on juice!

City Highback in Black Leather


What goes better with cozy than warmth? Keep your feet toasty by adding an area rug to your hardwood or tile floors. This will create more warmth in your space and add to the overall indulgence of the room. During the cold winter months, be sure to add soft textures and patterns to your nook. Soft textures such as cashmere, velvet, faux fur and wool will condition you to cuddle in for the long haul. Throughout the summer months, add a light throw and a colourful accent pillow to your chair to brighten the space.

Aveline Collection Roomscene


Next, adding accessories can bring life to every room in your home. So what makes your reading oasis any different? Adding accessories and end tables will open up a world of possibilities. Book end can take reading décor to a whole new level. There are a variety of fun and colourful book ends as well as other accessories to bring your oasis to life. Be sure to choose smaller sized end tables to place next to your chair(s) to allow for more room. Small end tables will give you the opportunity to mix function with funky.

Reading Accessories

Last but not least, adding candles to your area will not only create soft and cozy lighting, but they can create an indulgent atmosphere if you pick an inviting scent.

Candle and Tree Accessories


Design Advice By: 

Narges Moatamadi, Design Consultant at Decorium


Haven – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Charging Station For Your Mind and Spirit

Decorium Sales Manager Lisba Selbo discusses ways to make your bedroom an organized and well-decorated retreat.

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The Ultimate Guide to Create a Dream Home for You and Your Loved One

Stressless Wedding

Furnishing your first home is a romantic and exciting time for any couple. However, with all the choices and knowledge needed, it can also be daunting.

To make the transition into your first home together easier and more enjoyable, here are a few tips:



The most important aspect to begin your journey together is to create a budget. This will keep you newlyweds organized and in the honeymoon state, for as long as possible. Discuss what items you might be bringing from a previous living space and what items need to be purchased to furnish your home. When discussing budget, think about key pieces you need first, i.e. sofa, mattress, dining tables, etc. Creating a detailed budget, with how much you are willing to spend on each item, will help to keep yourselves from getting in over your heads.

Investing in key pieces in a room first will help maximize your budget. For example, your key piece in a living room is a sofa or sectional. Investing in a statement piece, sofa or sectional, can help fill up a room without having to buy too much. In a bedroom, finding the right mattress will make all the difference. We spend 30% of our lives on a mattress; which is more than any other piece of furniture. Our health depends on a good night’s sleep, so investing in a good quality mattress is equally as important for newlyweds as is the box spring. A durable box spring will keep the spring in your relationship!




The next most important thing to check off on your to-do list before purchasing furniture is getting all the measurements. You will need to measure the space of your room, the doorways, stairways, elevators, and even hallways. While the furniture measurements are important, to know whether or not the items will fit in your space, even more important is knowing whether you will be able to get the furniture to the designated room!

Using a room planner to get an idea of how much space you have and of your layout is always a good idea. The Decorium website offers a room planner to help you bring your ideas to life. We suggest you bring all your measurements with you when shopping for furniture, and, if you have a newly built home, bring your blueprints! Experienced design consultants will know how to read your measurements and know how to work with them. 



Styling your home is a true test of a couple’s willingness to compromise and find that middle ground. Partners need to discuss what direction they would like the style of their home to go in.

For young couples, industrial and urban chic are styles which are trending right now. This means mixing different materials to create a cohesive style. This includes mixing metals with material, fabric with leather, and warm distressed wood pieces with exposed cold metal pieces. These styles incorporate a mix for both feminine and masculine tastes. For example, fluffy, soft accent pillows can add a touch of femininity to a strong clean lined sofa. Mixing shapes, patterns and colours can create a style which allows both sexes to express themselves. There are many places to get inspired by style. Decorium offers a 100,000sq. foot showroom where you can be inspired by all of our room vignettes.



Going in the direction of a neutral pallet is versatile, chic and simple. White is a perfect backdrop to show case any type of furniture and décor and ensures it gets the attention it deserves. Once you have established your colour pallet, pull colour from accent pieces like art and area rugs. Use colours you love and that make both of you happy.



Making a home comfortable and inviting means using texture. Texture adds sensory richness and creates layers of comfort. It’s also another way to incorporate both masculine and feminine touches into any room.



The way to make a house a home, other than filling it with family, is accessories. Think of accessories as the icing on your wedding cake. Nothing will tie a room together, and add style from both partners like accessories. They can bring a bland room to life. Using different colours, textures, photos, artwork, lamps, rugs, and so on, can not only brighten your home, but it can help tell the story of your relationship.


By: Ellen Zworth, Design Consultant at Decorium,



Spring Decorating Tips

Spring is a time of new beginnings. After weeks of extremely cold weather, spring is finally expected to arrive! This is a time to pamper ourselves with colour and fresh scents. Spring is a time to take elements from nature and bring them into your home.
Flowers and Boot As flowers emerge from the snow and trees blossom, they are the first sign that spring is finally here. These flowers bring an array of colour and spirit for the new season. Fresh flowers can bring soothing scents of spring into your space. Don’t be afraid to display colourful flowers all over.
Renfrew Details Incorporating bright coloured vases, patterned pillows, area rugs, linens and coloured candle holders will help bring a fresh feel without breaking the bank.
Colourful Pillows Every room in your home has several opportunities to introduce colour, including paint, furniture, wall art and flooring.

Remember, before you decorate, get rid of things you don’t need! Avoid cluttering your space with additions. Spring cleaning is about getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.
Boho Grove Uph Bed Light Roomscene


Design advice by Renata Biala, Design Consultant at Decorium


Décor Tip of the Week – The Travel Aficionado

The Travel Aficionado

What is a gallery wall? Many people would answer this question by simply saying, “A photo collage of friends and family.” While this is a correct answer, it is not the only one. A gallery wall can consist of framed photos of anyone or anything. It can be made up of an assortment of frames of all shapes, sizes and colours. They can even be customized for any interests or hobbies.

This week’s décor tip is for the world travellers, the adventurous hearts and the culture buffs. There are only so many jars of sand and sea shells that can be collected and displayed tastefully. However, there are an endless amount of photos that can be taken to commemorate your vacation memories. In order to add style and flair as well as sentiment to your gallery wall, add a framed map printout to display the places you have visited. Whether, you create an entire gallery of maps, or a printout in addition to family photos, this is a great way to highlight your adventures, while staying simple and budget friendly!

Township-of-York-Map---Artwork Tinted-Map-of-New-York---Artwork

map Decroium-Products-Vintage-Map-of-New-York---Artwork



Decor tip of the week written by: Anna Carullo, Design Consultant at Decorium Furniture


Design Tip: The Flawless Foyer

The Flawless Foyer

As a design consultant, I recently had the pleasure of meeting a client who needed a home consultation. She was in need of furnishing her bedroom, living room, family room, kitchen and dining room. We selected beautiful furniture that was delivered to her new home just last week. The in-home consultation was a great chance to see the room and offer suggestions of what could go where and how to layout the room. Upon arriving, I was in awe of the grand foyer, which was accentuated with marble floors and a circular staircase.

The foyer most often provides a physical link between rooms, but is frequently treated as an afterthought, when it comes to decorating a home. Since these spaces are visible from the main rooms, including the foyer as part of the overall design scheme is essential. While the living room, kitchen, family room and dining room receive our full attention, the underutilized connecting space is frequently forgotten. However, it is always the first thing seen when someone walks into your home, making the foyer the first impression of your home.

The biggest mistake most people make is by focusing on decorating our homes on a room to room basis. This means we may deprive the foyer or entrance of the attention it rightfully deserves. My design tip of the week is to think of your foyer as a first impression; make it a warm welcoming space as it greets your guests or your family. If you have the space, a center hall table can make a world of difference. Instead of placing a boxy piece of furniture in the middle of the room as a traffic blockade, consider a round pedestal table. The round pedestal table is similar to a round-a-bout on the road. Since there are no hard edges to bump into, people will move around the table and flow with the room; while the table stands proudly as the focal point. Placing a fresh flower arrangement with a unique vase or even a colourful statement piece will ensure a smile every time you enter your home.




Design advice by Ellen Zworth, Design Consultant at Decorium

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