Say Hello to Spring

Say Hello to Spring

The winter is slowly passing by and waiting for the spring to come along so you can change your sofa to refresh your family room with chairs as well to give you a new and exciting look with fresh colors.


Written By Raffaele Martino
Design Consultant at Decorium
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Fast Furniture

You have probably heard of the term “fast fashion” which is used to describe cheaply produced clothing in mass amounts that are designed to break down and typically sold at a very low price.

“Fast Furniture” has become the new trending topic, which is creating fast, cheaply made, poor quality furniture at a low price point. While we often become blinded by price, we realize the reason they do this, it’s so that in a short period you will be back to replace the same piece of furniture for that low price point over and over again. Unfortunately, it is also wasting environmental resources.

At Decorium, you are getting valuable information on the products you are interested in. Measurements are created to ensure every piece fits perfectly, you are informed on materials used to create your pieces, and you are also supporting local businesses and Canadian-made quality products. You can Customize your pieces in different configurations and choose your fabric creating your “Dream Furniture” which becomes a generational family piece.

Seasons may change, but our in-person “above and beyond” Customer Service approach will always be in style. 


Let’s choose “Sustainability” in 2022!


Written By Andrea Lalonde
Design Specialist at Decorium
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Introducing Home Accents to Your Space


Today, the minimalistic and monochromatic design seems to be the way to go. It’s chic, timeless, and definitely won’t be going out of style in the near future. But what if you threw some colour in the mix?

Accent pieces allow you to incorporate pops of colour or new styles into your space, especially if you’re worried about it being too striking.

Rugs are a great place to start! Adding a colourful or patterned rug can change and enhance the whole vibe of the space. It’s an amazing way to integrate colour and can also help hide dirt and debris!

Toss pillows and throws are amazing ways to accent a space as you can make them interchangeable with the seasons. This will allow you to experiment with all of the colours of the rainbow while giving the space a fresh look every few months.

If you’re someone who tends to go for neutral furniture pieces, why not throw in a bold accent chair or ottoman! These can help brighten up the space as well as possibly create a focal point.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour or accents because no matter your comfort level, there is always something out there that can freshen up your space. Even if it’s just some flowers or a plant!


Written By Evan Sims
Design Specialist at Decorium
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Unfortunately not may do! most people see veneers as a laminate material made from plastic, paper, or even foil that has been printed with a wood grain pattern. The main purpose of veneers is to be environmentally conscious as they are “maximizing that log in thin little sheets.”

The veneer is a traditional and structurally significant element of furniture-making, that is still very important in contemporary design. It is used on all types of custom furniture, including high-quality ones.

The original concept of veneer was about conservation. The history of wood veneering originates in Ancient Egypt circa 3000 BC and continues into modern-day woodworking. Historically veneers were hand-cut until the 1820s when machine-cut was dominantly used. This allowed the veneer to be uniformly cut and set a standard.

Veneer making was sparse during the medieval period and came back into vogue during the 17th century in France. This period of veneer techniques became very sophisticated, using tiny pieces of wood and burl grain to create intricate designs or lavish scenes, called marquetry or intarsia work.

There are many advantages of using veneers. One of the most beneficial aspects of wood veneers is their cost-effectiveness. Veneers tend to have more design options. Environmentally-friendly. Appearance is similar to real wood, thus making it a perfect option for covering plywood, MDF, particleboard, and for covering finishing curves.

The possibilities are almost endless, and you can check out the result of beautiful veneer work in our showroom. Come on and visit us!


Written By Henrique Morais
Design Specialist at Decorium
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Turn Turn Turn! The Swivel Chair

The pandemic seems to have hit a turning point. For this reason, I have decided to write this month’s blog on the swivel chair.

Swivel chairs offer easy movement when seated. They come in multiple types of chair designs. One of the most common designs for this category is the round swivel chair.

It offers easy movement when seated. You can relax in a comfortable and stylish swivel chair. Unlike the standard stationary chair, the swivel chair moves smoothly from side to side.

Swivel chairs are especially functional in open-concept spaces so you can easily pivot to wherever the action is happening.

If you’re using a swivel chair in your living room, you can simply turn to grab the TV remote, a drink, or a snack. You can add a comfy swivel chair to a nursery so you have a soothing place to put your baby to sleep.

Swivel chairs come in different sizes, from an oversized ultra-chic swivel chair to a small profile swivel chair for smaller spaces.

Come to Decorium to experience the amazing seating for yourself.


Written By Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
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Interior Design Trends to Know in 2022

WE went through another year in the middle of this Pandemic.

Considering how much time we spend at home, in 2022 we need to introduce comfortable sofas, daylight, earthy tones, cozy spaces, indoor plants to create calming effects and design stress reliever rooms that will never go out of style.

In addition to this, we choose textured fabrics like velvets, sherpas, and boucle because they not only feel amazing but they are chic and luxurious as well.

Staying at home, also makes us use the rooms in a variety of ways, transforming the use of them depending on the activity that it takes place: for example, a dining table becomes the “desk” during the day.

Neutral colors on the walls and the furniture plus black accents and hardware to create depth will become more popular during this year.

We are looking for timeless spaces, minimalistic rooms, combining textures like wood, fabrics, stones, and metals in order to generate a sophisticated, calming look with the input of uniqueness that the personal touch can give.

Written By Adriana Glait
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

What is performance fabric?

Performance fabric is the best choice for high traffic areas and living spaces needing to stand the test of time.

Performance fabrics are easy to clean and withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.
They are engineered to have water-resistant and stain-resistant qualities so everyday spills and stains do not soak into cushions.

These fabrics are; durable, cleanable, pet, children, and family-friendly.

Always remember, choose the right fabric for your lifestyle.


Article Written By: Renata Biala
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Don’t hesitate to buy furniture, the time is Now!

Over the past two years, we have all spent much more time at home. This has caused many of us to reflect on our own spaces and want to make improvements. Do you want to find the perfect pieces? With raw material shortages, dwindling stock, it is important to shop with a plan.

Tips on shopping:

Come prepared. Be sure to bring measurements and pictures of your space with you. This way if you happen to find a floor model or in-stock item, you can make a decision and take advantage of a quick delivery or pick it up

Keep your expectations realistic. The Covid pandemic has impacted every industry including furniture. Due to raw material shortages, safe working environments for their employees, and an influx in demand there are numerous delays.

Take advantage of in-stock or floor models. However, if you’re looking for custom-ordered pieces like a sectional in a certain colour, then be prepared to wait approximately 16 weeks even if it’s manufactured in Ontario. Patience will be necessary.

Winter is coming and colder weather. We will be staying inside more so now is the time to make your interior space more aesthetically pleasing. Like the adage: There is no time like the present! Hope these tips help with your in-person shopping experience.

Written By Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
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Marble vs. Porcelain Dining Tables

You’re looking to upgrade your dining room and you think to yourself, what material do I want to go for this time? Immediately you think of durability, noticeable damages, and possible stains that never leave and now you’re torn between glass and wood. While both are great options, there are two others that are making a strong comeback, especially for kitchen tables, and it is important to know the differences and similarities of the two.

Marble and porcelain have been around for many years and are now becoming a very popular choice for a refreshing dining room. A dining table is the focal point of the room, you want to pick it right once and have it for many years to come, so there are many things to consider when choosing the right material for you.

While porcelain is a manmade product, it is often made to give a natural marble look. The process involves kiln-drying clay that is mixed with other inorganic materials for a long period (at a much higher temperature and longer time than ceramic), and completely sealing it with a special glaze for the finish. This process is what makes porcelain so durable, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and to top it off, heat resistant! This beautiful product makes it easy for you to enjoy your time at the dinner party or your everyday breakfast table, worry-free.

Speaking of beautiful, let’s look at marble and its features now. It is truly stunning and makes a statement, however like anything there are some important factors to consider when purchasing a marble table. Marble is all-natural and of course, is a pricier option compared to porcelain. While porcelain is very likely to be a thin slab, usually about ¼ inch, marble is thick and therefore a lot heavier. If you plan on moving your table around a lot, then I wouldn’t recommend it. If it’s there to stay and you’re happy with choosing one size, then go for it! You don’t generally see marble tables that come with leaf extensions hence it’s weight. Like porcelain, marble is very easy to clean, but it is a soft material and very porous, so it must be cleaned very often to avoid inviting a permanent home for stains. If you maintain it well, you will be living with this gorgeous stone for many years. Marble is also very unique due to its natural characteristics, don’t expect to see exactly what you saw in the store after your order and it arrives in your home. Your stone will be exclusive to you and your home.

Written By Newsha Hashemian
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Bedroom 101

When it comes to designing a bedroom, we always have to think that it is a place in the house where we go when it is time to recharge from a long day at work, or when we are exhausted and stressed out. This is why we have to choose a design that will bring us calmness, tranquility, and peace.

A good way to achieve this is to select colors like blue, green, in all the different shades, as well as neutrals like grey, white, black and brown.

Sheets, comforters, and duvets should always be in neutral colors. Wood in all the finishes and cozy fabrics will also help create the oasis.

In terms of furniture, we need to choose a minimalistic design, picking up just the right amount of furniture so that it doesn’t get overcrowded and it becomes a place where it is a pleasure to stay, relax and sleep.

And the last thing that I will suggest when it comes to designing your room, you have to always remember to add your touch to it so that it will be unique and personal.

Written By Adriana Glait
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]