Spring, A New Beginning

Spring, A New Beginning

We’re nearing the end of the Winter and Spring is on its way! It’s time to start getting ready for the new season by brightening up the house with some vibrant colours.

Picture a new sofa and some toss pillows for the room that you enjoy most. Maybe a sofa that reclines so you can set it in a way that fits you best, and will help you relax. That supple leather in a bold colour… Maybe something warm, maybe something cool, there’s plenty of colours to choose from.

Make it yours, the room where you can relax and be with company who will enjoy your space.

March 23rd, 2020
Article Written By: Raffaele Martino

Design Specialist At Decorium
[email protected]

How to introduce colour in your space

When we decorate with neutral colors we create rooms that will never go out of style. Also, it’s a way to play it safe by not making mistakes. At the same time we add sophistication to the home. This doesn’t mean if we choose to give a touch of color to a room, that we will not be able to create a chic ambiance.
There are plenty of ways to add a pop of colour without getting too wild. I always suggest to start from the walls and the floors. Once we’ve picked all the neutral colors for them, we go to the next step and start with the furniture; continuing to keeping it neutral.
The fun starts when we have to decide what to do next! We can add accessories like toss pillows, throws, lighting – with a favorite colour or two-, an area rug with complementing colours, art work, natural plants and flowers. With these kinds of accessories, we are still playing it safe because you can always make quick changes when you want to freshen up the look.
But if you really want to go wilder, you can choose a piece of furniture in a bright color and use it as a statement, or a focal point. You can also paint one wall in a specific color. The most important thing is to make decisions that will make your lives better and more enjoyable. It is always worth it to take the risk and design a fun place to live.
March 12th, 2020
Article Written By: Adriana Glait
Design Specialist At Decorium
[email protected]

Art With Personality


Art is a very personal thing.

No matter what decor you choose for your room, art always adds personality and personal taste. One should not be afraid to show the personality in choosing art pieces.

The only “rule” you might want to follow, is the size of the piece you put on the wall.

If you decide to decorate your family or living room space and put a painting on top of the sofa, make sure it is not bigger then the sofa itself. The artwork should be a few inches smaller on each side of the sofa. This way it will add to the decor of the room and not take away from the whole idea.

Colours are also important, but not as drastic if they don’t match the colours of the room.

Art is an expression of YOU, so don’t be afraid to show your preference and taste!

March 6th 2020
Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

How to Add Character to a Small Living Space


Decorating a small living space can be a bit of a challenge.  You want to make it beautiful and interesting, but not seem cluttered.

Here are some simple tips to add personality and character to your small living space:

  • Show It Off:  Collect all your treasured books, photos, and objects and display them on floor-to-ceiling cubby shelves.  This will create a conversation area as well as provide some much needed storage.
  • Lighten It Up:  Use mirrors in varying shapes and sizes to add character as well as reflect light throughout your space.

  • Get Colourful:  Don’t assume that colours and patterns will make your space feel smaller.  Actually, furniture in colourful hues and bold patterned pillows and rugs will make a big impact in a small space.

  • Go Green:  Adding a touch of greenery by bringing in natural or artificial houseplants can add instant warmth to any space.

  • Add Ottomans:  These can perform double or triple duty such as extra seating, footrests, and even coffee tables, when you add a tray on top.  They can also add a pop if colour to your space.

Creating a space that’s full of character and reflects your unique personality doesn’t take Magic, just a little Smart Styling…Just remember, SMALL doesn’t have to mean BORING!!


February 28th, 2020
Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]


Fabric Pilling

We call fabric pilling to the small visible balls of fiber that form on the surface of a fabric. It usually happens when there is a constant friction on it. There are a few reasons why the pilling occurs: the weave of the fabric, the type of the fiber, the friction caused by using the furniture.

When the weave of the fabric is tighter, the fibers can not come out to the surface. Cotton or linen make pilling less visible because the way they shed their loose fibers.

Pilling is not a fabric defect or fault from the manufacturer. It is a natural process caused by the wear and tear of the furniture. It doesn’t affect the durability of the fabric.

The good news is that it is easily removable: you can use a sharp razor, or you can use a fabric shaver which will remove the pilling without ruining the fabric.

Pilling may reappear but if it happens , you will have to repeat the process of shaving it off.

The fabric will stop pilling once all the loose fibers have been removed.

February 21st, 2020
Article Written By: Adriana Glait

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Love your… Everything!


February is the month of the Academy Awards, Valentine’s Day, and Family Day.  Love is in the air this month, whether it’s to honor our favorite movies, actors and actresses, a special person in your life, or your whole Family. With all that being said, you should love your home as well.

Create an inviting and stylish room that you love.  If a house has a good feel to it , it will always be a home.  It should be aesthetically pleasing in addition to being functional.  It isn’t always necessary to completely redo your room. Sometimes, just adding one new item can make a positive impact in the room.  You can give your room an update so it feels fresh and on trend.  Embrace your space so that you feel the love when you walk into your home.

February 14th, 2020
Article Written By: Ellen Zworth

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Simple ways to make your home look elegant on a budget.

Making a home beautiful is every homeowner’s dream.

You can make your home look elegant without breaking the bank.

From adding accent pillows or fresh paint to window treatment or a new area rug, these are simple solutions you need to know about.

Pillows can bring comfort and elegance.

Window treatment is the most budget-friendly  way to add some luxury to your home.

A home without window treatments will look unfinished.

Depending on the time of year, greenery and flowers add beauty and color.

Are rug can change the face of the room. It can bring texture, depth, warmth, and beauty.

One of the most affordable ways to make your home look elegant is to declutter your rooms by eliminating crowded decorative items or furnishings in any room.

Remember: “the less is more”


February 7th, 2020
Article Written By: Renata Biala 

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Broadloom Vs. Area Rugs


In the battle of floor coverings, choosing between Broadloom or Area Rugs really depends on three things; the functionality of the room; your design objectives; and the condition of your floors.

Broadloom: This is a great option if your floors are in poor condition or unfinished because it covers the floor completely.  It’s also beneficial for noise absorption and insulation and, since it’s

wall-to-wall, there’s no shifting and no seams to worry about.



Area Rugs: These are great for mobility and alternating from room to room, and tend to be easier to maintain.  Area rugs are also an inexpensive way to introduce colour, texture, and pattern into your space.

Combination of Both: Consider laying an area rug in a bold colour or pattern over a neutral, low-pile wall-to-wall carpet for a unique, one-of-a-kind look.


area rug over carpet in living room


When deciding on which option you like best for covering your floors, whether you choose broadloom, area rugs, or a combination of both, there is no lovelier way to add warmth and texture to any room in your home.  The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless!!


January 31st, 2020
Article written by: Beatrice Espinola

Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]


How to Use Wall Art in Your Home

Do you ever walk into a room and feel there is something missing? Sometimes, even when you have the most beautiful furniture, you need to add some accent touches to make a room feel finished and beautiful.

A great and easy way to complete a space is by using wall art. Artwork can add more uniqueness and dimension to an empty wall, with a splash of colour creatively placed in the space. A lot of the time, furniture can be quite neutral in tone, but adding a pop of colour can really make all the difference!

Above is an example of how to complete a room using wall art, as displayed in our showroom. As you can see, by adding that pop of creative colour in the right place, even the smaller accessories below better complement the space, making it feel more complete, where everything flows wonderfully together!

January 24th 2020
Written by: Yuval Elbaum
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

The not so January Blues


January is a new month, a new year, and a new decade.  It is also the month many refer to as the “January Blues.”

Although there is most definitely a lack of sunshine during this month when people feel the blues, there is another way of looking at this colour.

Blue represents both the colours of the sky and the sea.  From the calm and serene Baby blue to the dynamic, dramatic and exhilarating blue through the to the classic blue.  Interior decor trends have seen grey as a popular color for quite some time. In 2020 you will be seeing more of the neutral beige, also know as Champagne. Just like grey, champagne is a great neutral and can be accessorized with all shades of Blue.

Coincidentally, the Toronto Blue Jays just unveiled their new uniforms in the upcoming season. In an ode to their original uniforms from the 1970’s, Toronto’s new jerseys will feature a light blue, which the organization calls the “New Blue”

If you love the feeling that the color blue gives you, try incorporating the many shades in your home interiors.  For that reason, you will love the ambiance of the room.

Blue seems to be trending everywhere, from nature to feelings and even uniforms. Now it’s your turn to embrace Blue!

January 17th 2020
Written by: Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]