Best Decorating Tips

Best Decorating Tips

Is there such a thing as the Best Decorating Tips?

When it comes to decorating, there isn’t one single tip that trumps them all. In reality, different tips will be better for some and worse for others, depending on your style, layout, needs and wants.

On the other hand, there is one decorating tip that applies to everyone, and that would be to give your furniture some breathing room! It can be hard to resist overcrowding, but it’s a great tip if you’re on a tight budget.

Bronson Accent Chest

Hang your artwork approximately 60 inches from floor to midline of the piece you’re hanging. Remember if your ceilings soar, it doesn’t mean you need to hang your pictures higher. In home design needs to relate to human scale not structural scale. If you have low ceilings purchase low back furniture, it’ll give you more space to work with.

Prelude Cocktail Table 67275 RS1

Choose your star piece and make it the focal point. Focal points can be a mantel, artwork, stove hood or headboard and are usually the most dramatic piece in the room.

Layers of lighting, pot lights table and floor lamps, create interest, intrigue and variety.

Lastly try to pick your colour last. You want the colour that best compliments your Upholstery, artwork, rugs and accessories. 

There is no secret rule book. Consider a foundation and develop your own style. Be creative and design your home to suit your needs. 


Article Written By: Mary Spataro

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest 

[email protected]

2016 Colour Trends

Every year new colour trends rise up, plateau and inspire the next years hottest colour creations.

This year the new finish everyone’s asking for is Matt black. In 2016 colour trends like Chrome or shiny silver are passé.  Come into Decorium, and besides every other car you pass along the way, you can see Matt black finishes on coffee table surfaces, chairs, bases of tables and light fixtures.

Prelude Writing Desk 67278 RS1


Emerald green is also a new up and coming colour trend.  Following the fashion trend in Milan Italy, Green evokes a feeling of wealth, richness and prosperity; making it the perfect colour to update your space and give energy to the room. Emerald green works well with gold accents, like a coffee table or lamp with gold trim.

Luna Accent Chest 66511 RS 2


Timeless black and white continues to be a hot colour combination to this day. It’s bold and can easily lend a graphic statement to the room. You can find black and white in almost any type of furniture and accessories, like area rugs or art. Solid black or white leather sofas are also a popular colour choice this year, and are all the rage for contemporary furniture advocates.E300 Sofa RS



Article Written By: Ellen Zworth
Design Consultant At Decorium On Supertest
[email protected]

Choosing the right upholstery



The answer to this will change from person to person!

Some people prefer a firm sofa or chair while others like to sink in and be surrounded by the cushions while seated.

Arion vanilla 2s Low Silo Philip Sofa 902633 Silo

You can choose different degrees of firmness, from soft that has a foam core encased in a feather/down wrap, to firm that has a higher density foam core with a fibre/dacron wrap.

Typically the softer cushion will give you a “lived in” look that needs fluffing and plumping to maintain its appearance while the firmer cushions will give you a more “tailored” look with less maintenance.



Article Written By: Mike Brown

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

Leather versus vinyl and leatherette

E200 sofa RSLeather is a very special fabric with its use dating back to centuries ago.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories and furniture are made out of leather.

Prospect Avenue Dining Rs

There are two major factors that separate real leather from imitation leather and other textiles.

One, Leather lasts a long time – literally forever!

Really good quality leather becomes even more beautiful and attractive with age.

Leather sofa 66942 Silo

The Second factor is that leather is a natural and live product that warms you up in winter and cools you down in the summer.

Imitations such as polyvinyl and micro suede have a much shorter lifespan and do not hold up well against abrasions, breakage and ripping.

Most leathers come from Italy and Spain, 2 countries that for centuries have been world renowned for their beautiful and colorful leather hides.


Magic Beige RS


Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

Rustic Decor

Rustic decor is in right now.


The rustic trend incorporates distressed wood finishes, organic patterns, simple and earthy colors.


Souhtend-On-Sea Dresser 67022 RS


Using recycled and reclaimed materials is becoming a very popular way to give furniture that weathered rustic look.

The design is rugged and natural, and offers the opportunity to integrate a more organic feel in to your home.

Salutations Slat back Side Chair 67017 RS

Among the different styles of furniture, rustic is a favorite pick for many as it provides elegant yet warm feel to the space.

Relaxation and coziness are the primary characteristics of rustic furniture.

With rustic interior design ideas, you can transform your home into a natural, cozy and welcome space for family and friends.


Lady Helena Console


Article Written by: Renata Biala,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest ,

[email protected]

New Things Happening At Stressless

There are some interesting things happening with Stressless furniture this year:

All recliner families will be referred to by their medium chair names ie: Consul small, Consul medium, and Consul large.

Classic base (wood) and Signature (wood with metal star) will be interchangeable on all families.

Consul Nat Brown Silo Consul Burgundy Silo  Consul Amarone Silo

As well, Oak (slightly darker than Natural) and Walnut (slightly lighter than Brown) are two gorgeous new finish choices that are now available to order.

Classic and Signature base families will be available in all three sizes (previously some families were only available in medium and large).

Later this year Power motion will be coming to Stressless in a patented Leg Comfort mechanism that mirrors the comfort of the existing Stressless ottoman.

All Stressless recliners will be available in Classic, Signature, or Leg Comfort Bases (medium and large only).

Come on in to Decorium, take a seat and discover for yourself the true comfort of Stressless.


Written by: Mike Brown

Design Consultant at Decorium, On Supertest.

[email protected]


How to shop for a mattress

We all have aches and pains that nag us every day.  From our heads all the way down to our toes, we suffer through until we start to think about what is actually causing the pain to begin with.  People put blame on the usual reasons like old age, bad shoes, working too hard, stress and other typical excuses. And while these could all be contributing to our aches and pains, most of us tend to overlook one of the main causes… Sleeping on a bad mattress!

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Decorating Your Home For A Wedding

Love is in the air and spring is around the corner, and it’s all about decorating for summer wedding.
There is so much to do before you tie the knot. It’s all about that lace and filigree.

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Stressless YOU

Stressless, the innovators of comfort, are proud to introduce Stressless YOU, a new line of chairs and sofas that seamlessly integrate with modern, urban and or lofty living spaces.

Because when sitting, relaxing or just lounging around, you should be stressless!

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Spring Decor For Your Home

It’s finally here! Now all you need is some spring décor for your home! Here’s some quick ideas to help you choose accessories that will freshen up your home for the new season.

Think Texture

Texture accessories are popular presently. Choose a ceramic flower stand to put on a buffet or unique vase to brighten up your home with floral inspired accents

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