Keeping your home warm and cozy when it’s cold outside

Keeping your home warm and cozy when it’s cold outside

With colder temperatures outside we find ourselves rushing home more quickly to the comfort and warmth that awaits us.  Here are a few quick ways to create your own sanctuary that will feel cozy even on the chilliest of days:

Use soft plush textures to create a cozy atmosphere. Fabrics like velvet and wool inherently have a natural warmth that will feel luxurious on a cold day. Velvet pillows are an excellent way to make you living room inviting, while faux fur items, like an ottoman, will add texture to your room.

Goat Fur Cushion Grey 66541 Silo      Miso Kidney Pillow 69286 Silo Cube Ottoman Teal

Warm colours can be a powerful tool in creating atmosphere. Tones like pink, orange and red automatically generate a bit of heat.

Colour Blast Artwork 66457 Silo

Decorate your dining table with lots of candles to create the ambiance of warmth, and some literal heat!


If you live in a condo, try flipping on the fireplace channel for a great mood setting effect.

Add pictures of family and friends to bring an emotionally warm and homey feeling to the room.

Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining, these ideas will create a warm and inviting environment, year round.

Article Written By: Ellen Zworth, 

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

February 14th

February the 14th!

One of the most beautiful days there is!

You have a chance to say “I love you”, again and again to somebody you love!

With so many ways to express yourself, why not start with the little accessories to show the care and love you feel to someone special.

Accent pieces like pillows in red fabric in a shape of a heart; new painting with flowers; candlestick with red candles all scream x’s and o’s.

Accessories for Valentine Day could vary from small in size to bigger pieces like the surprise of a new chair by the window or fireplace with a small side table; on top of which you can put a vase with fresh flowers and a card that says all you feel and dream of.


Good luck and enjoy!


Article Written By: Adriana Glait 

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

Coffee Table Alternatives – Thinking “Outside The Box”

It’s a known fact that there are some items a home can’t be without, in order to provide convenience and comfort. The coffee table is one such piece of furniture.  You can eat on it, work on it, store interesting books and accessories on it, etc…etc.  But this doesn’t mean you have to be limited to a boring old square table!  Here are a few alternatives you can use:


Ottoman – great if you like to prop up your feet when watching t.v. or reading.

Mordecai Ottoman 68930 Silo1

Poufs – these are easy to move around where needed.  They’re very chick and, in a pinch, can be used as extra seating.





Side tables – grouping small side tables side-by-side gives the illusion of one table, while at the same time it looks lighter.  Use mismatched tables or alternate heights for a creative look.

Keen Nesting Table 64854 RS

Ceramic Garden Stools – in a small space use one.  If you need more space, group a few together of the same height to create a more eclectic look.




Trunks – these are great for extra storage and add a nice touch of style.

Erhart Trunk Table

Whatever your style, when deciding on a coffee table for your living room, ‘Think Outside the Box’ to add interest and surprise to your home….the list is endless!!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge, 

[email protected]

Stressless Deal

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of sitting in a Stressless, now is the opportune time to do so. Until March 6, you can go from one level of luxurious leather to a higher grade, or from fabric to leather, at no cost. With four different grades of leather in the most beautiful colours you could ever imagine, it’s wast to imagine integrating the ultimate comfort of Stressless into your home.




What Kind Of Bed Should I Get For My Child’s Bedroom?

Faced with a difficult decision of furnishing your child’s bedroom? Do you go with a trendy youth themed style or choose something they can grow into?

I almost always recommend my clients to purchase a set of good quality & stylish furniture that their children can use for many years and that will allow them to decorate around, changing styles as they get older.

If you choose to go this route, please keep in mind the size of the bed. If the room can accommodate a Queen bed, I say GO FOR IT!!




Parents normally think little child, little bed and that’s great for the early years… but, as your child gets older & bigger, do you really want start searching for a bigger bed, struggling to match the style & finish of the existing set? I have had numerous customers commenting “Why didn’t I buy the Queen Bed when I had the chance”; as they become frustrated driving around searching for the right one. Another burden to up-sizing a bed is that you have to buy new larger sized bedding, and that can become very expensive.

When our kids grow up & start their lives, it may be nice to have the option to take their bedroom set off to College, or even to a new home there after… Whatever the choice may be, even if they don’t take it, you just got yourself a new guest bed.

Decorium has many style options to match any décor. By letting our Interior Design Specialists assist you with your search, we can ease the stress of looking for that distinctive bedroom set for your unique little one.


Article Written By: Jane Fitzgerald

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]


Ambient Lighting During Winter

During the winter months, we often are swept up into the Holiday season. When the days are shorter and the nights longer, there is an allure to capture the ambiance or feeling of light and atmosphere. During the colder months, when texture is used throughout the home, to stay warmer, layering light can be as important as it is interesting.

Mill Street Dining Table RS

Incorporating decorative lighting is a simple challenge, if you arm yourself with some helpful tips. Consider using halogen light bulbs to reduce electricity consumption, while adopting the same theory of layering natural light and purposeful lighting, to create the atmosphere you are hoping to achieve.

Brass and copper finishes are a way to incorporate stylish lighting in your home and décor. They can be mixed or added to create more depth in your already existing decor. Accent lights are perfect for highlighting or displaying art work, fireplaces and ornate pieces of furniture. The use of task lighting along with ambient lighting will produce that incandescent layered the effect, bringing even more depth and interest to the room itself.

Victoria Avenue Dresser 902323 RS
Establishing a mood is essential and equally important during the winter months, especially when we all cozy up with our loved ones during the Holidays. Sometimes the right lighting can be effective and evoke the right spirit. Where glitz and glam will reflect light, you need to be careful that darker tones and jewel tones don’t end up receding in it, which is why it’s recommended to begin layering with natural light, that will also compliment the decor choices made during the winter months.


Finally, to strike the right balance, try incorporating evenly distributed lighting and decorative lighting to enhance your environment, especially during the cooler winter months. Overall, it’s about combining different types of light to create a mood or ambiance you want to achieve this Holiday Season.


Article Written By: Ashlee Farmer

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

IMG Relaxer

Turn your day from stressed to care-free with an IMG Relaxer

Relaxer Room Shot


All IMG Relaxers are made with cold-cured molded foam cushioning. Insuring comfort and body correcting support, this special foam allows the chair to hold its same shape for many years, so it will always have that new look to it.

IMG Divani Standard - Relaxer with Chaise

All IMG relaxers have a 360° swivel, gliding/rocking function, and adjustable head and neck support. All these features combine to help you achieve the right posture while you are reading, watching movies, or just having a snooze.

IMG Divani Standard - Relaxer with Chaise


Considering that good posture is pivotal for your back, neck and overall health, IMG Relaxers are a valuable asset in anyone’s home. On top of this, the chairs offer peace of mind with a 10 year warranty on the steel frame and molded foam cushions; so in the end you really are receiving great value for your dollars.

If you would like to experience this true comfort come and visit us in our showroom at 363 Supertest Road, just the third light south of Dufferin and Steeles.


Article Written By: Mike Brown 

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

Refresh Your Home With Colour

Make your own sunshine!  Contemporary spaces can look cold and bleak if they aren’t decorated mindfully. Using too much of one colour will make everything blend like camouflage, leaving you with a solid “brick” of colour rather than an elegant pop of excitement.




Shades of grey have been a popular colour choice for sofas over the past five years, at least, but the hue simply becomes blah if you don’t enhance it with other colors. So keep those comforting neutrals and just add a little zing to them! Pick mood lifting colors that burst to wake up basic spaces and make them more comfortable. For example, you can add some personality to the room with a gorgeous saturated purple area rug and some toss pillows in indigo blue, with a faux fur texture.




Today, with the ever expanding growth and change in design trends, styles and what people consider to be acceptable, there is much more freedom in décor than there ever has been. Mixing and matching is very popular these days, so placing an occasional arm chair in your neutral space with gold arms and legs, isn’t something out of the ordinary.


If you don’t like mixing styles, such as modern and traditional furniture, try playing with texture and colour to make a difference in the room. Velvet adds some glamour and sophistication to a space, while a pop of color, like teal or chartreuse, will make a statement.  If it’s attention you’re looking for, black faux leather with gold will certainly do the trick. Lastly, when all else fails, try adding art to introduce color to an otherwise neutral room.


Sideboard 68180 RS2


So all in all, if you are feeling a little grey or if your room is looking a thunder cloud, then add some sunshine with decor!

Article Written By: Ellen Zworth

Interior Design Specialist at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Creative Lighting Ideas and Solutions

Looking for creative alternate lighting solution to brighten up your home? Here are some recommendations to make your home feel unique.


If your bedroom style is more industrial, a funky way to add more character is by incorporating the raw utilitarian look of metal Steampunk cage pendants. To get an even more authentic industrial feel, opt in for a filament bulb that gives out a warm comforting glow similar to candlelight.

A good way to adjust your bedroom atmosphere to match your current mood is to tune up or down the intensity of lighting. Simply connect the pendants to a light dimmer that is compatible with the incandescent light bulbs.





If you like to bend the rules, a mix-and-match option might be just the thing for you, when it comes to choosing lighting for living room spaces. Instead of placing matching table lamps on both ends of your sofa, try creating a vignette or a composition of similar style lamps on one end while placing a floor lamp on the opposite end.  To balance the vignette, make sure one of the lamps is about 1/3 the size of the other.  Also, because you are now having two light sources on one surface, their total luminosity level should equal to one standard lamp. For that you will need to find bulbs that in their combination will equal to about 1600 lumens. To find out how many lumens a bulb emits, simply look at the box! The information should be provided by the manufacturer. If you are having trouble, try typing in the brand and model of the bulb online, and you should be able to find what you’re looking for.





If you want to impress your dinner party guests for the Holidays, reconsider complex table centerpieces for an overhead conversation starter, such as an unusual feather chandelier. Depending on your design goals, it is possible to create various feels with this type of bold lighting fixture. For example, in combination with light-colored and distressed French-style furniture, it may enhance the Shabby Chic atmosphere with its angelic ambient lighting. It will also work in a more monochromatic contemporary setting in synchronicity with glass surfaces and polished metals.

Anais RS

Article Written By: Marta Scurtu,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge,

[email protected]

Modern Dining Tables – From Small to Large

Asia Rect Dining Table 68772 RS

In many of today’s new home and condo designs, floor space is at a premium.  But, even though our spaces have become smaller, entertaining is still a big part of our lives and the dining table plays a major role in this.


This predicament has become a dilemma for an increasing amount of people, and the solution? You can find it in the ever-growing trend of fabulously designed pull-out, concealed, or disguised extendable dining tables.  These table have the leaves concealed within the table itself, without having to store the extensions in a closet or ‘under your bed’.

Apollo Dining Table 38547 Silo

Also on trend is the fold-down table.  Since both sides fold down, this provides a great solution for small spaces with a lack of space to hold any sized table on a permanent basis.  Some even come with side storage compartments!


Whichever you choose, any of these styles provide both functionality and visual appeal.  They can suit just about any space and are, in this girl’s humble opinion, the greatest innovation known to man since FRENCH TOAST!!!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]