Creating Your Bedroom Oasis

Creating Your Bedroom Oasis

Celestine RS Front

Your bedroom is your refuge, your escape from the world, and that’s exactly what it should feel like as soon as you walk through the doorway. Accomplishing that environment can be easier said than done. Here are some key things to think about when creating your own oasis.

The first thing is to analyze the space you are working with: the size and shape of the room, window location, the lighting (both natural and artificial), the existing finishes and what can or can’t be changed. Knowing and understanding these details before doing anything else gives you an opportunity to make cohesive choices and really maximize the space.

Once you have a better understanding of the room, think about how you want to use your bedroom. Will it be strictly for some R & R or do you need some designated space for other activities like work, reading, or getting ready for your day? When you’ve narrowed down your needs you can start picking your pieces, like your bed, lighting, a desk, items that suit your taste but are conducive to the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Last but not least, keep in mind the ambiance you want when picking colours and patterns. Never underestimate the impact these can have on your desired result, they make a BIG difference!

Most importantly, make it yours! Whether it’s a pillow or an accent chair, get that something special you’re happy to see every time you enter the room and screams that this is your space, your oasis.

Article Written By: Olivia Beckershoff

Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge,

[email protected]

Furniture For A New Home – Delia Wang


A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of Toronto’s highly respected realtors, Delia Wang, when she came to Decorium to buy furniture for her home.

Specialized in buying and selling homes, investments properties, luxury homes, international relocation, as well as new constructions and condominiums, and working as a broker of record for Re/Max Realtron, along with her personal brand DW Realty; Delia has extensive experience when it comes to finding beautiful homes for her clients.

After getting to know each other a little better, I began to help Delia with her own personal endeavor of decorating her home. As we began searching through the store, picking out pieces that spoke to her, it became clear that there was a noticeable synergy between us, and a like-minded thinking that allowed our project to run as smoothly as possible. By the end of our hunt, which was considerably shorter than other client’s I’ve worked with, we were both thrilled with the choices we made, and filled with a particular excitement and energy that you can only get when an activity pans out well beyond your expectations.

With the end of our experience fast approaching, there was a moment where it felt wrong for both of us to constrain our newfound relationship to this one pleasant undertaking, and that’s when we decided to let it blossom and grow to a higher level of collaboration.

After the success we had achieved in creating a beautiful and comfortable space for herself, Delia began to refer her clients to me, so that I could help them with the design, decoration and selection of furniture for their homes. In a short period of time, our relationship became a partnership, combining her sophisticated Real Estate knowledge with my expertise in design and furniture, to create beautiful and unique rooms for our clients, offering them great customer service and a home they couldn’t even dream of.

Over the course of our business relationship, we’ve shared the experience of helping many clients find the perfect home and decorate the interior to match their individual needs and wants. The beautiful thing about this entire experience is that it’s all driven by positivity and human kindness. We help each other out, help our clients out, and we get to make a living by providing people a comfortable and happy sanctuary they get to call home.


Article Written By: Adriana Glait,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Accent Chairs – Go Bold

Accent chair – it’s purpose is in it’s name:   ‘Accent’ – emphasize (a particular feature)

focus attention, draw attention to, play up


Accent chairs can be used to make a visual statement as well as rounding out the overall décor of any room, by providing extra seating or a cozy spot to curl up in with a good book.

Smith Falls Swivel Chair 69529 Silo 1

Stylish accent chairs can come in unique shapes, such as rounded arms.  Try playing with fun colours, textures or patterns on fabrics; also, a textured leather chair can make a real attention grabber.  A chair that has chrome, brass, or even acrylic arms and legs can really make a bold statement as well.

Gerhard Chair 68931 Silo

Just keep in mind that, as ‘accent’ chairs, keeping them to a maximum of one or two in each space is the secret to ‘playing up’ an area without overwhelming it.

Christian Accent Chair 66749 RS

So you see, making an accent chair an integral part of your home’s décor can be fun and exciting when you GO BOLD!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge,

[email protected]

Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

How many times have you seen something online & thought I must have IT!

This is great I can just punch in a few numbers, add IT to my shopping cart & away we go.

They promised me I would get IT within 5 Business days, & offered free delivery. Oh boy this is so much fun scrolling through all the various websites, imagining how IT’S going to look… so much better than driving to a store, fighting for a parking spot, wading through the crowds, standing in line at the cashier, dealing with annoying sales people, & after all that, you’ve still got to find the car.

Finally, IT ARRIVES!  You can’t wait to open the package, the anticipation is killing you, wait a minute IT doesn’t look like IT did on the website! There are any number of things that can go wrong when ordering online. It’s very difficult to perceive an item from a computer screen, the actual size, colour, & how it feels. Yes the feel of an item is important. What if you buy a leather sofa online, the price was too good to pass up & when it arrives what you thought to be an all Top grain leather sofa certainly doesn’t feel like what you may have seen or sat on out in the market place. I have talked with a few people that have had some issues when buying furniture online especially if it’s not quite the right size, or simply not what they wanted. Also what people don’t take into consideration when returning an online furniture purchase, is that the onus is on you to repackage & pay for the shipping back to the online seller.

Decorium has a large online shopping website that displays most of the furniture that is shown in our showroom.  I have assisted people that have viewed our website & have called wanting more information about lamps, rugs, end tables etc, & which in turn they have purchased. When they inquire about larger items such as bedrooms, dining or living room sets I always advise them to visit the store & see the furniture in an actual room settings.

Visiting our 100,000 sq.ft. showroom, to see all the new designs & trends is an adventure; & getting complimentary interior design advise will make purchasing the large items for your home so much easier.

Online shopping can be fast & convenient for many items. Just be advised that when purchasing larger items for your home, come into the store & sit on the sofas, see how it feels, pick out the perfect rug, open the dresser drawers, check out the TV Units to make sure all your components fit and most of all, get what you’re looking for.

Happy Shopping.


Article Written By: Jane Fitzgerald,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Home Lighting Tips

Overhead lighting is a go-to option in many spaces, but it’s often not enough. If you omit task lighting, like floor lamps and table lamps, reading on your couch or writing at your desk could strain your eyes. And if you only install can lights in your bedroom, you won’t get the cozy quality that bedside lamps can provide.

Pat Table Lamp 70562 RS


Shadows can plague your kitchen work space. If kitchen can lights are positioned above the edge of the counter, when you stand at the counter to work, you cast a shadow exactly where you need the light. Solve this problem by installing under-cabinet lighting.

The bottom of a pendant light should be 30 to 36 inches above a kitchen island, and when you’re sitting next to a table lamp, the bottom of the shade should be at shoulder height. If the lamp is too tall, you’ll be blinded by the bulb.

Bryce Table Lamp 70508 RS 1


Add together the room’s height and width in feet. That number, in inches, should be the approximate diameter of your chandelier. In dining rooms, you should choose a chandelier that’s one foot smaller than the table’s narrowest width. The bottom of a chandelier should be 66 inches from the floor in a dining room.


La Bella Ceiling Lamp

Article Written By: Mike Brown,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Warm your world – Decorating With Brass, Copper and Gold

After years and years of cold stainless steel and chrome finishes, the warm, bright and shiny shades have finally come back to life!

Gold, brass and copper are extremely hot and trendy, not only in the fashion industry, but in home decor as well.

Any room in your home will start looking warm and bright in those colors; plus it will add a little sparkle to your decor.

Gold fixtures over the dining table will enhance the ambiance leading to friendly and heartfelt conversation over the meal.

Tulip Chandelier 69258 Silo

In the office, placing a brass lamp at your desk will inspire good work ethics and could even help bring wonderful and new ideas to your tasks.

Brass Desk Lamp 66794 Silo

Many people find that copper shades in the bedroom will calm you down and make your night more wonderful and peaceful.

Metro Table Lamp Silo 1

There are a million and one things you can do to play with colour in your home, and lamps are just the beginning.

Rugs, toss pillows on your sofas and chairs in those colors will brighten the room and make you ready for the spring and summer days.

Ultimately what you get, is a stylish and bright home for you to enjoy; a combination you can’t beat!


Article Written By: Renata Biala,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Hot fresh Design Trends for 2017

Each new season ushers in brand new design trends to keep our lives interesting and innovative.  Here are a few fresh concepts to look for in 2017.



Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year is called “Greenery.”  You’ll see this cheery shade everywhere, refreshing home décor, fashion and commercial design.

View Green Silo


Butterflies are turning up in everyone’s surroundings, no longer relegated to children’s rooms.  Bring one of nature’s most beautiful creations into your home!






First seen last Fall at New York’s Fashion Week, and a harbinger of 2017 home décor.  Mixed and mismatched patterns put your creativity on display.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

 Palazzo Chair 70082 Silo


As a bold accent or an anchor colour, navy is IN this year.  Navy pairs well with any colour scheme, and won’t “shrink” a room the way black sometimes does.

 Barren Area Rug 70506 RS 2


For an “unearthed” handmade look, accent with chalk white or bone white.  It brings out a natural and organic feeling, as opposed to the flat sterile look of solid white.

Sudan Table Lamp 70572 Silo 1

Article Written By: Leslie Frappier

Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge,

[email protected]

Cottage Décor

Spring is in the air and with it comes the itch to start planning your cottage décor.

Whether you like to spend your days at the cottage relaxing or entertaining, cottage décor is all about comfort and charm.  Celebrate the summer with this great chance to take decorating risks by creating an eclectic look incorporating a mix of rustic new finds and some much loved nostalgic treasures.

Suzanne Round Accent Rug 70567 SiloRobertson sofa 32075 Silo


Regardless if your style leans towards a neutral palette, delicate floral prints, or pops of colour for a bright-friendly vibe, your cottage should reflect traces of your past and be charming, comfortable and playful.


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge,

[email protected]

Home Furnishing – Renos, Redecorating and More

When you start looking for furniture for your home, whether it be a Reno,  sprucing up a room, refurnishing the whole home, or moving into a new home, it can be a big under taking and become frustrating not knowing where to start.

Here are a few tips to make your Furniture buying journey a little less stressful.

It could take at least 6-16 weeks when custom ordering sofas, bedrooms, dining room sets & many other specialty  items. For example, Stressless Furniture, which is made in Norway, can be customized in many sizes, fabrics, leathers, & colors, so manufacturing the piece and sending them can take some time. It’s wise to keep that in mind especially if you need the items quickly. We do try to keep a variety of items in stock, but sometimes what we have is not 100% the way you envisioned it, which is why we always give you the option to custom order those items to suit your own special taste, color & style.

We are here to assist you whether you are furnishing a whole home or just looking for that last piece to complete your journey.


Pictures of the space you’re considering changing or adding to, measurements, & floor plans if you have them, existing items in the room, pictures you love & can’t part with, are just a few tools to mention. This information aides your Design consultant with determining your style & color preferences. Bring your own ideas and let us help you bring your vision to life. When furnishing your home you want it to reflect your taste & style, so when friends & family come to visit, they know you’ve spent time and effort to make your home comfortable & stylish; so let us help you achieve that!

We have everything to fulfill all your needs & wants.

Come & explore our whole new line of rugs in many sizes & fashionable colors. I’m sure with the assistance of any of the knowledgeable Design consultants you will find the right one, and with a large selection of new lamps & chandeliers we can light up any room.

As well, many new sofas, bedroom & dining room collections in all styles have found space on our showroom floor.

When you have the right tools, your Design Consultant has the proper information to assist you & bring your dream home alive.


Article written by: Jane Fitzgerald,

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Home Accents – The Fig Tree

The fiddle leaf fig tree has become one of the most popular and sought after houseplants.  Characterized by its large, lush green foliage, it has become a staple in home decor and interior design.  The fiddle leaf fig tree in an open space adds vertical interest and brings the outdoors inside.  You can use it in any life style space, ie: mid century modern, rustic-industrial, or contemporary.  You can flank fig trees on either side of a fireplace or in between two accent chair in a family room.

Since real fiddle fig leaf trees are very fussy to take care of , you can buy an artificial tree that looks amazing and brings an organic element to the space.  I think every room should have greenery, real or artificial to make it feel at peace with nature and add warmth during our cold winter months. Here at Decorium we have tones of accessories that can help you live life on the green side and bring the element of nature into your home.


Article Written By: Ellen Zworth 

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]a