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How to Select a Colour Scheme for Your Room


Here are some tips to help you when it comes to selecting a colour scheme for your room.

  • Go by the Golden Ratio rule 10/30/60. Separate the room by choosing a colour for 60% of what you see when you enter the room. For example, the floor and the walls. 30% for the next color, let’s say the furniture; and 10% for any accent pieces and bright statement colours.
  • If you are looking for visually appealing and striking colour combinations then choose colorus that are complementary to each other. Meaning, these would be found opposite to each other on the colour wheel. A good example is green and purple!
  • If, however, you wanted a more casual and laid back feel to your space, then go for analogous colours. This means choosing colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel. Green and yellow, or blue and purple are good examples.
  • If you’re looking to add a bright colour to the walls in your space, consider adding that same colour to the floor as well. Meaning, find a rug that has a splash of that bright colour that you chose for your wall!
  • Generally, cool colours appear to the human eye as receding, while warm colours tend to come towards you. If you are moving into a new condo and feel like the space looks a little small, paint the walls blue!
  • Add black. Adding black to your room, especially if filled with a lot of bright colours, will remove that “childish” element that you may not like about those colours and will give it a more sophisticated feel.
  • There are a lot of you out there who prefer a more neutral palette and that’s completely normal! It is very possible to create an appealing look just using neutral tones. Don’t forget that neutral also means warm golds and camel browns. Use them to spice up your nude scheme!


Article Written By: Tala Hakeem

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Coffee Tables


Some little things can make a huge difference in our home. Let’s talk about coffee tables.

A small or big coffee table can make a huge difference! A lot has changed in the design and function of the piece. Lots of younger generation move into smaller condos but still require additional space for the desks and dining tables. Here where standard coffee tables can be more of a burden than a benefit.

There are multi functional coffee tables available on the market today where you can utilize features that save space and are just down right convenient. There ones that have a raising top that functions as a computer desk, ones with a hinged top that gives you space to store all your papers and magazines, extendable coffee tables, and more! They can also be used as a small dining table as well.

Available in many different shapes and colours, you have quite a bit to choose from.
Putting this piece in your living or family room will be a functional and stylish addition to your home.

Article written by: Alla Wolfson,

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Foyer Decorating


Decorating your Foyer,

The entry Furniture always send the first impression and send a message of entire of the home design. Nothing says welcome home like as an entry will. Decorate your entry way with Decorium beautiful furniture. If you’re looking for an idea we are here to help you out. If you dream it we can design it.

Article Written By: Maryam Sadrmomtaz

Interior Design Specialist at Decorium

[email protected]

Warm Up With The Colour Red

It’s cold outside, so warm things up with this holiday’s hot colour – RED!

We are moving away from neutrals taking over. Red is bold, confident, passionate, dramatic and cozy. It is also a classic colour. You see it in fashion on the runway, you see it in beauty and now it’s in home decor.

Red is a versatile colour that you can use as much or as little as you want.  You can paint red on a feature wall with black and white accents to ground the space and to make it feel fresh. You can “bring the red” in a traditional, modern or cottage setting.  There are hundreds of different hues of red, so choose what’s comfortable for you and your home. You can paint your front door red, or use it in accessories in you space.

If red isn’t for you, then keep in mind that blue is still the number one colour everyone loves.

Valentines’ Day is in February 14th and if you LOVE YOUR HOME, it would be a great idea to inject RED in your decor to be on trend


Article Written By: Ellen Zworth

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Tackle the Winter Blues


Now that the holidays have come and gone, and with record breaking cold temperatures, not to mention the flu, it’s no wonder we are all beginning to feel the ‘Winter Blues’.

One sure-fire way to soothe these feelings is with home decor.

Here are a few simple decorating tips to brighten your interior and make a positive impact on your mood:

  • Inject warmth and energy throughout your home by adding small touches of bright, hot hues such as hot pink, sunny yellow, and zesty lime green.
  • Instantly lift your mood by introducing accents which reflect light such as mirrors, lighting and metallic finishes.
  • Make any room or furniture item feel warm and cozy with toss pillows, rugs, bedding, and soft throws.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, use paint to brighten your interior.  Paint can make your home feel fresh and, by using a warm tone, will make it feel warm in those days with low light.
  • Bring the outside in by adding vases with colourful flowers throughout your home.  This will make your rooms cheerful and get you excited for the arrival of spring.

Let’s face it, Winter, with it’s cold dark days can feel endless and gloomy. However,  by adding some much needed colour and warmth into our home’s decor, we can all perk ourselves up and chase away the ‘Winter Blues’.


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Accent Chair and Sofa

Pairing an accent chair with your sofa is an easy way to brighten up the room, especially when one or both have a beautiful pattern. An accent chair will complement your sofa, but can also be used in your bedroom as a sitting area, which makes them versatile and important to have in your home. With so much to choose from, in fabric or leather, you can dress them up or dress them down in any way you like. Take a look at our selection and see how an accent chair can become a big part of the room.

Article Written by Raffaele Martino 

Design Consultant At Decorium

[email protected]

Accessorize your coffee table

Tips on how to accessorize your coffee table:

Feel like something is missing in your living room? Even though you’ve just bought your idea of the perfect coffee table? Accessorizing might just be the answer you’re looking for.

1) Make sure you have items of different heights next to each other.

Keeping everything on the same level makes your space boring. Spice it up by adding different heights. For example, you could have a small stack of interior design magazines, a medium sized candle, and a high pink or white orchid.

2) The rule of 3s

Divide your coffee table in 3 sections, like a grid, and organize it that way. Put one decorative piece on each “grid” section. You don’t want to over clutter your table, as it’ll just look like you need to tidy up.

3) Plants

Try going with a low maintenance plant or flower. Adding greenery to a room can change the design quite drastically! If you think that you wouldn’t be able to take care of the plant and water it, then opt for a fake one. Most of the time, people won’t know the difference.

4) Use a tray

Put a tray on your coffee table with a magazine, a candle, or other knick knacks on top. It spices up the whole table! Also, it’s easily removable if you have company and need the space for something else. Consider doing this especially if your coffee table is glass, as a simple tray can add symmetry to a free-form table.

Don’t go overboard with your design. Beauty lies in simplicity.


Article Written By: Tala Hakeem,

Design Consultant at Decorium,

[email protected]