Adding Colours to Your Space

Adding Colours to Your Space

When choosing colours for your space, there are a few things to take into consideration:

The first thing is to choose neutrals on the furniture and walls and use the focal color as an accent like pillows, throws, area rugs. This way, if you get tired of the colour you chose or simply didn’t like it at all, you can easily change it. Also, this method gives you the right proportion of how to manage colours in a room: 80% neutrals, 20% colors of your choice.

Another thing is to choose between a warm or cool colour. The choice you make depends on what you prefer, but it also depends on the room that you are about to furnish. Hot colours are warming and stimulating, so they should be used in social rooms such as the living room, family room, dining room, or kitchen. Cold colours are cooling and calming, so they should be used in private rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms.

The next element for you to choose, is a bright colour or a pastel colour. This has to do mainly with your personality and what you can live with every day; as well as the quality of the fabric or material that you pick, and the room that you are designing.

The last thing is choosing how you are going to illuminate the room. Selecting the right bulbs and the right lighting is a must. First you need general lighting for the room. Then you need to decide what items or areas you want to give special attention to. It could be a sofa, a picture, a particular corner, etc.

The colour you pick is of utmost importance, but how you put things together matters as well.

Article written by: Adriana Glait

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Autumn Is Here!


The most beautiful and colorful season!

Change is in the air and it’s so good to think of some new exciting changes to your decor.

With the temperature getting colder and the evenings getting shorter, it might be a good idea to add a cosy wing chair in front of the TV.

Or maybe just change the toss cushions on your sofa to warmer colors.

Accessories could bring the dramatic change in your decor,  so you can enjoy the new season and feel warm and happy.

Article Written By: Alla Wolfson,

Design Consultant at Decoroium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Your Design Consultant works for you!


Just like everyone else, I know that feeling of walking into a store and dreading dealing with a salesperson.  It’s important to remember that at Decorium your design consultant is a valuable resource.  They often have decades of experience putting home decor together from individual items to entire homes. With that experience comes expertise. It’s our job to think of everything you don’t. Things like which kind of leather is the best when there are kids and animals in your home, how much space is required between a table and sideboard to make that space comfortable? Should you fit the wall or the TV when buying a media console? And so on.

What’s more, your design consultant will take you through all the stages of upgrading your home from selecting the right pieces to updating you on the timelines for custom orders. When there are issues after delivery they are often your most valuable ally. They have a vested interest in your happiness. They get to know you as people and you get to know them.

Come into Decorium and make a new friend today.


Article Written by: Jesse Wilson

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest. 

[email protected]

Dining Table – Wood or Glass?

Dining table – Wood or Glass ?  Why choose one over the other?

Dining tables are functional, giving you a place to gather around and dine.  When it comes to deciding which one to purchase it’s important to ask yourself questions.  Where is it going? Who will be using the table?  How will the table be used?

What is the size of the diningroom?  What is your personal style?

Here are a few suggestions when deciding on a glass or wood top dining table:


If you live in a small space and want the dining room to appear larger then choose glass, because it’s transparent.  Since you can see through it will automatically feel more open and spacious.

It’s a perfect choice for condos and small city houses.

If your style preference is Modern then it will be ideal for your look – linear and contemporary.

It’s also perfect for people who are minimalists – who like a clean look


If you require a durable, strong table then wood is the way to go.  There are different woods as well as finishes to select from.

Perfect for small or large families, as there are different sizes with options to have one, two or three leaves to expand the overall table size.

Lifestyle – straight edge or live edge if you like a one of a kind , unique look to personalize your space.

A wood table is a great surface for homework, card games and buffet dinners as well.

Both glass dining tables and wood are equally functional.  Since glass is invisible, it might not be the right choice for families with young children.

Choose the surface that is right for you!

Blog Written by: Ellen Zworth

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]


Basement Living Spaces


The basement has taken the crown as the entertainment room in many peoples homes. Whether you accessorize with a big tv screen, pool table or a beautiful sectional to enjoy and relax while watching tv with family, colours are important to light up the walls. Using colourful toss pillows and a mirror to make the space look bigger, you can utilize accessories like a warm and colourful rug or nice paintings to accentuate the walls with bright colours and make the basement a room you your family and your guests can all enjoy.



Article Written By: Raffaele Martino

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

Live Edge Tables

If you have never heard of or seen a Live Edge Table or Bench, get ready for a jaw dropping experience!

For those who have seen a Live Edge Table or Bench before, but didn’t know what it was called, this article will be just as exciting; because now you’ll know what to look for!

In my opinion, Live Edge Tables are like the sashimi of furniture. They are elegant, rustic, sophisticated and most of all, a true natural masterpiece of home furnishing.

So what is a live edge table? Other than being one of the best ways to bring the inherent beauty of nature indoors, it’s basically a thick vertical slice of a tree, refined and tailored to use as a table top, bench top, or any furniture top for that matter.

There are a few different elements that make a Live Edge Table special, but what makes them really extraordinary is the fact that every top created is one-of-a-kind. Because you’re taking a slice of a tree grown in nature, you will never have a top that is exactly the same as another. To some people, this is one of the most desirable traits in furniture, because it’s exclusive to you and anyone who decides to buy one for themselves will not be able to purchase the same top.

Along with the swanky feeling of possessing a one-of-a-kind piece, Live Edge Tables also lend a unique style to your home. Most Live Edge Tables are not symmetrical, which can make a bold statement to your home décor. This combined with the uneven yet incredibly smooth edge makes the experience of owning a piece like this, undeniably satisfying.

Come visit Decorium to see some fine examples of live edge tables that you can customize in almost any way, to fit your needs.

Article Written by: Sam Rotenberg

Webmaster at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]

Decorating With Black and White

Using Black and White can create a stunning and dramatic effect on your décor, and are a perfect colour combination for any decorating style.

Although the options for using Black and White in decorating are endless, it does require balance and thought to make it look striking.

To help you achieve the desired effect, here are some tips and ideas to consider:

  • Choose the crispest Blacks and Whites for optimum contrast
  • Black and White in accessories, light fixtures, trims, walls, rugs, or in one large piece of furniture, helps catch the eye and sharpen the visual image of the room
  • For a ‘Contemporary’ look, combine Black and White with sleek metals such as chrome and gold
  • For a ‘Cottage’ or ‘Rustic’ look, combine Black and White with bronze-ish metals, black iron, or natural woods. You can also add small touches of muted tones of colours such as yellow, pink, purple, camel, or soft greens – Keeping Black and White the predominate colour combination.
  • When shopping for fabrics, look for striking patterns or prints in Black and White
  • Don’t feel obligated to paint all walls the same. Choose a focal wall and paint it Black, keeping all other walls a crisp white. Painting your walls a warm Grey will make your room feel classy and sophisticated when paired with Black and White furniture and accessories
  • Afraid to use White and Black throughout your entire home? A small room, such as a powder or small bathroom can be a great place to start. Pair a Black marble counter-top with crisp White bathroom fixtures.  Add warmth and texture with gold fixtures and plush White terry towels.

There’s no doubt, whether you choose to use Black and White as your main decorating theme or in touches throughout your room, this dynamic combination gives a fresh, clean and undeniably sophisticated and elegant look to any home.   GORGEOUS!!!

Article Written by: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium on Yonge

[email protected]

Put yourself in the room!

With all the information available today, choosing “the right” furniture for yourself is easy, but things can get complicated between choosing what you really want over what you think you should want. I consistently see people overlook themselves when designing rooms their homes, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

We think about the the latest trends in colour and style. We make the effort to consider the bones and the period of the space. Yet we totally forget about ourselves.

My biggest piece of advice is to make yourself the centerpiece of every room and figuratively put yourself in the room! What are the staple colours in your wardrobe? What is your hair colour, eye colour, skin tone?

Use these personal traits as the starting point for your room palette. Let your decor be the background that frames you in your everyday life. Whether spending downtime with family and friends or entertaining a large group you deserve to be the star in your home.


Article Written By: Jesse Wilson

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]

Finding The Right Coffee Table

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing a coffee table that is too small for the space. When in doubt, go larger. If you have a hard to fit or awkward space, consider a custom-designed table. Also, simplicity and quality are key. Unlike some furnishings that are mainly for show, coffee tables serve a function, so you want something that wills still be in style next year, and withstand constant use.

Tables with stone, marble or wood tops are very durable and well-equipped for everyday spaces. Antiqued mirror or glass tops are more formal and fragile, so they tend to work better in an adult only environment. On that note, round shapes are best for families with little ones because they lack dangerous corners. Rectangular tables are most popular and versatile, but square tables nicely accommodate a room with lots of seating.

It depends on the scale of the room, but generally the coffee table should be anywhere from 18 inches to 24 inches from the sofa. Table height should be based on the height of the sofa and the style of the room, but standard height is around 18 inches. For a contemporary look, you can go lower than that, or for a traditional feel, you can go a little taller – Think old fashioned tea table.

The upholstered coffee table bench is very popular right now because it’s one piece of furniture that serves two functions. Good luck in your quest for the right coffee table.


Article Written By: Mike Brown

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

 [email protected]

Accent Colours – Gold and Silver

Silver and gold are two colors that have always been, and will always be, top of mind when choosing colours for accent pieces and accessories.

Even though they are so different and opposite to each other, in today’s fashion, designers of all kinds, even jewelry designers, mix those two colours together.

Silver is cold and chic, while gold is warm and elegant.

Mixing these two colors together will bring a special and different taste to any room of your house.

For example, one can choose a set of table lamps, for the living or family room, where the metal legs can be in more than one shade of silver or gold.

Toss pillows can also be mixed in any or both colors together.

Any Gold and Silver accessory can be added to any decor, even if you disregard the colours of your furniture and walls.

Create and express yourself!


Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest,

[email protected]