How to decorate your home, on a strict budget

How to decorate your home, on a strict budget

There is always a way to decorate your home , even if you are on a strict budget. The first step should be to look at every room that you want to change and make a list of what you would like to achieve.

The list of priorities is necessary specially when you want to decorate the whole house. Lets start with the kitchen for example. Ideally you would like to change it all, but we are working on a strict budget, so you could either freshen up the cabinets with a coat of paint, or you can just change the chairs that are around the kitchen table , or you can buy different counter stools to set around the island. With only one small change , your kitchen will look completely different.

If you have the type of living room, full of old furniture to the point that you can hardly spend a couple of minutes in it, there are some easy ways to clean up the space, without replacing and removing everything. If you love your old furniture, and don’t want to part ways with all of it, keep only the pieces that you like the most, or the ones that are in good shape.  Once you’ve chosen what you’re keeping, change the toss pillows, or move the furniture around, add a nice area rug, or just change your old ottoman for a glass coffee table. Revitalizing a room can be just that simple. You can even freshen up your bathroom by just changing the shower curtain.

As I said before, small decorating tips can freshen up your home and still keep your budget to your needs.


Article Written By: Adriana Glait

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Extra Seating

Creating extra seating can sometimes be a challenge, especially in small spaces.

When it comes to providing some extra seating in these types of spaces, think benches, ottomans & stools, as they can be used in a variety of ways. Not only can an ottoman or a grouping of stools be a great place to put your feet up after a hard day’s work, when company comes they can be used as extra seating.

Using a long storage bench at the bottom of your bed, if space allows, can be convenient for storing extra bedding, or in the foray for winter scarfs, gloves, or kids’ outdoor toys.



There are so many ways to find a solution to the dilemma of extra guests dropping by when you least expect it. Where do they sit?

With the right pieces you can avoid cluttering up the room by adding a nice accent that can be utilized in a variety of useful ways.

Think about the maximum people you might have to entertain, now look for the perfect ottomans, poufs, or benches that are the right fit & feel for your home. These types of accents can be conveniently & comfortably turned into added seating, even at the dining table.


Article Written By: Jane Fitzgerald

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Summer Decor

Summer is here! Finally we get to see the sunshine, green trees and flowers blooming!


Now it’s time to bring the summer mood into the house and make some changes to your home decor. Accessories are the easiest and best way to begin freshening up any and every room in the house.


It’s ideal to start with the rooms where you and your family spend the most time together, like the family room.


A bright new rug with some bright new accent toss cushions for the sofa will change the room in an instant!


The dining room can be brightened up with some new vibrant colored paintings and fresh flowers on the table.


The bedroom can be revived with new bedding in bright summer colors like green, pink and yellow.


Whatever the changes you will make, big or small, bright colors will change the house and put you in a happy and joyful mood!


Article Written By: Alla Wolfson 

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Comfort makes Perfect

Last week, millions of people around the world tuned in to watch a real life Fairy Tale; The wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

We all grew up with fairy tales like, Cinderella, but another one that comes to mind is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In this tale, a little girl finds herself lost in the woods and in desperate search of a comfortable place to rest. After stumbling upon an empty house, and testing out their food and furniture, she finds the perfect place to relax.

At Decorium, we have a large selection of reclining chairs that come in many different styles, sizes and colours… so you can find one that is Just Right! And if you’re having trouble on your own, we can help you find the perfect fit.

When you do decide to come have a look, we recommend you pay special attention to our Stressless selection. With superior craftsmanship, straight from Norway, these chairs are designed for comfort; so, no matter which one you choose, you will surely be seated like a QUEEN or KING!

So whether you are watching a wedding, hockey game, baseball game or the news on T.V.; or simply enjoying a good book or using your ipad – sitting in a stressless recliner will ensure Magical Comfort!!!!!!!!!


Blog Written By: Ellen Zworth

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Decorating with area rugs


Using area rugs as part of your home’s decor can be a great and inexpensive way to add texture, colour, and warmth to any room.

Area rugs can help to define and separate different areas in a room.  This is especially useful in large open-concept rooms that are used for multi purposes, such as living and dining spaces.

Area rugs can also make a huge impact by tying different furniture pieces together, or when using a variety of shapes.  They can be a great jumping-off point when choosing the colour scheme for the room or to update a room for the changing seasons or the latest colour trends.

When deciding on a rug for your space, size really does matter.  Here are a few tips to help you choose the right sized rug for each space and it’s use:

  1. It’s important to measure the space and consider any constraints, such as door openings.
  2. Leave between 18”- 36” of bare floor around the rug. Leaving the floor bare at the edges makes the room seem larger, while still bringing the room together.
  3. For dining areas, make sure you have at least 24” of rug around all sides of the table. This will enable the back legs of the chairs to remain on the rug, even when being pulled out for someone to sit.
  4. Use a liner. This will keep the rug from slipping and creeping at the edges.

Decorating a room with area rugs can be a lot of fun.  It’s a great way to really show off your creativity and makes any room’s decor feel complete!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Sectional Or Sofa? Decisions Decisions.

Whether to purchase a sectional or sofa is a common struggle that people go through all the time. So how do you figure out which one is right for you?

Actually It’s matter of personal preference, your family needs and most importantly, the room layout. If you are considering between a sectional or sofa for your space, here are some useful hints. Sectionals are less formal and tend to be best for the family to watch TV, snuggle up with each other and for just lazing around. They are a family friendly alternative to the sofa which is more formal and mostly for guest comfort.

With a sofa, you can rearrange the furniture often to suit your taste, but when it comes to extra seating, you’ll need to pull up some extra chairs. This is great for people who have the time and resources to change their space often, but for those who don’t, a sectional is something you can design once and then forget about it. On the other hand, a sectional can overwhelm or block off part of the room, while sofas are a traditional option, providing symmetry, style and flexibility.

When you are considering a sectional, there is much more to think about than just how it will fit the space. Some rooms have an odd layout or L shape, so in this case a sectional is the better choice. If you would like to mix a verity of fabrics and texture together, you can spices up the room by having a sofa in one fabric and a pair of chairs in another fabric.

Here at Decorium, we have any style to suit your needs. Many of our sofas and sectionals are completely customizable. Come in and let us help you choose from several configurations and fabrics to find the perfect fit for your situation.
Our design consultants can help to plan your room and make the most out of your living room space!

Article Written By: Maryam Sadrmomtaz

Design Consultant at Decorium,

[email protected]

Decorating Trends for Spring 2018

Let’s face it, whether you’re a professional or just decorating your own home, we all want to keep our homes fresh and up-to-date.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home with today’s trends, without breaking the bank:

  1. COLOUR YOUR WORLD: Keep large pieces of furniture a neutral colour and inject pops of today’s trendy colours with rugs, accent pillows and throws.  TIP: 2018 colour trends are jewel tones such as emerald green, ultra violet, and deep periwinkle (especially in velvet)
  1. GO FOR GOLD:  for 2018 GOLD is the new chrome.  Metals in warm gold and brass are making a strong comeback.
    TIP: if your current decor is leaning more towards silver, mixing a few pieces in warm gold and brass is a great way to introduce this new trend into your space without having to change out all your accessories.
  1. MORE IS MORE:  Though the minimalist look will never go out of style, today’s trend is moving towards over-the-top patterns, colours, embroidery, crystals, and sequins.  Try these on toss pillows, light fixtures, and window coverings as an inexpensive way to ‘Bling-Up’ any room.
  1. FLOWER POWER:  Big floral patterns are making a big statement in wallpaper, rugs, and fabrics. If you’re not sure this trend is for you, using bold floral patterns on wallpaper in your powder room, an area rug, or as a fabric on an accent chair is a great way to experiment.
  1. MAD FOR MARBLE:  Marble is ‘re-surfacing’ back into many living room and kitchen furniture pieces, such as coffee and dining table tops; and not just in white and grey but also in deep black and vibrant green.  This is a material that is always timeless while also being fresh and modern.

When trying to balance your home decor as well as balancing your budget, the most important rule to remember is to stick with what you love, regardless of what’s in or what’s out.  Introducing the latest trends into your space via accents and accessories that can easily and inexpensively be changed out, will allow you to keep your home fresh and up-to-date year after year.


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Spring Time Furniture

Spring is officially approaching.  As the colour outside changes from gloomy grey to perfectly sunny and pastel, our interiors also require a bit of a refresh.

  1. Throw down a bright rug. Like green grass and spring flowers outside, the change in the season calls for something bright underfoot.
  1. The growing interest in acrylic is clear. The material is seen on dining table legs and coffee table legs as well. If you have a small space, see-through furniture can also be a strategic choice to help open up the room.
  1. Bring the outside in. Fill vases with your favourite flowers and place them on tables to remind you that spring is here.
  1. Change up your furniture. Now is the time to change up your dark upholstered chair for a lighter spring coloured replacement.
  1. Buy floral items that make a statement ie: a stunning floral media stand, or over-sized artwork with floral pastels, or a very pretty fresh floral upholstered occasional chair.

Welcome spring in your home with these fresh ideas!


Article Written by: Ellen Zworth

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

multi-functional furniture

Whether you are downsizing or you just don’t want to have a crowded room, you can take into consideration the big variety of multi functional furniture that we can provide you with, and still create a beautiful and stylish room as well!

The idea is to get the right amount of furniture that will serve the initial purpose of what it is, but can also provide alternate functions. This way, you will feel the calm and relaxation that you need as soon as you go back home after a stressful day.

We invite you to visit our showroom to search through the variety of multi-functional furniture we have, but in the meantime, here are a hand full of options to look at!


Our Jasha console table can be used as a console table as well as a small desk

Jasha console table/Desk


  Our Augustine console can be a console, a dining table, an additional table when you invite a lot of people over for dinner


Our Dawn Queen cabinet bed, can be a bed and a tv stand for a small living room or a spare bedroom


Our Prelude make up table can also be a desk



Any of our Stressless Chairs & Ottomans can provide you with extra seating when you lock the ottomans

Any of our Cocktail Ottomans can be used to put your feet up and rest , as coffee tables with a tray on top and extra seating when needed. And if they have storage even better

Stuart , Marcos, Anastasiya, Auspice are just a few names of beds that we carry with storage so that you don’t have to get another piece for your Bedroom and still be able to organize your room.

This way you will save space and money, getting everything you need for your home.


Article Written By: Adriana Glait 

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]