Holiday Decor Trends

Holiday Decor Trends

When all of a sudden out of nowhere, movies like “The Grinch” start showing up in theatres or on TV, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to deck the halls…and all the other rooms in your home… with dazzling holiday decor!

Whether you prefer a minimalist look or, if you’re like me and like to go all out with holiday decorations, here are a few Holiday Decorating Trends to look for this year: 

–  Move away from the standard red, green, and white colour scheme and introduce this years major hit of pastels such as yellow, blue, pink, and green.


–  Slim, sparse trees are great for a modern, sleek look. Especially when decorating with neutral coloured ornaments such as white, silver, and gold.


–  For a soft, rustic look; which creates an ‘outdoorsy’ countryside feel, we’re mad for plaid!  Especially for stockings, throws, and toss pillows.

–  Pillar candles, in all sizes and colours, are always a sure fire way to make your home feel warm and inviting.

 Hourglass Candle Holders

–  Flowers have made a big splash in textiles this year and are now trending as decorations for your tree, wreaths, and garland.


–  Chunky knits have taken this season by storm and this year are being used everywhere from toss pillows, throws, and even as a tree skirt.


–  Wooden place chargers on your holiday dining table are a creative, fun way to bring the outdoors in.


Decorating your home for the holidays can be a lot of work, and sometimes it seems like it goes by so fast – just as you’ve finished putting them all up, it’s time to take them down again – but it’s also a lot of fun!  So go ahead, unleash your creativity and show your friends and family that you Ain’t No ‘Grinch’ !!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola 

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Holiday Spirit

As we approach that time of the year, with all the magical holiday spirit of Christmas and Hanukkah, it’s common to want a change of scenery in your home.

Luckily, some very minor changes can bring you right into the Holiday spirit.

Start by bringing something new with the color red and/or green into your family room. That could be anything from new toss pillows on your sofa to a new rug in tones like green and gold, to represent the bright colors of Christmas.


Put a few new accessories like candle holders with candles of red and gold color. The holidays do not have to be expensive and stressful, small changes can make a big difference.

Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Color trends for winter 2018

This years exhibition is fueled by an explosion of color. Vibrant, vital and capturing. All furniture, chairs, sofas, accessories are all offered in a wide range of color tones.

Some of the favorites this year are mustard yellow, green and shades of red. This trend strongly appears in fashion, just watch some of the runway exhibits.

Green color brings us closer to nature and mustard yellow reflect nature’s beauty and sunshine. Both together create a beautiful combo.

One of the easiest ways to make your home look like it came out of a design magazine, is to choose two colors that form the basis of your decor. Green and yellow have the potential to be very bold. Sun and nature, you can’t ask for more.

Be bold, be colourful.

Article Written by: Renata Biala

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Holidays are coming


Holidays are fast approaching, and in the blink of an eye we will be celebrating the most festive season of all!

Making a few changes to your decor will instantly put you the mood for holidays.

Start by brightening your space with some new accessories, like rugs and lampshades.

Add color by adding new toss cushions to you sofa.

Put some fresh dry leaves into your vases.

Adding some new paintings with bright colors will lighten up your room in no time.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Guest Room

Our home always reflects our style and taste.

Some choose to use their own skills, while others will hire professional designers and decorators.


At the end of the day, no matter who did the most part; it will be YOU, who has to live with the choice every day.


It is always very important to show your home in the best and most tasteful way; and that’s where the guest room becomes one of the most important rooms in the house.


Always start with bright and comforting choice of colour, like light peach for example.


If you have family that comes and stays often, you should chose a comfortable and good looking bed with a good mattress.


A brilliant side table with lamps will definitely add to the decor.


Some pictures with soft flowers pattern will add to the pleasant and inviting mood.


A soft colorful rug will look inviting and tasteful.


If the room is big enough to add a little chair by the window with the side table, it would be a great place to put some fresh flowers.


Guests will feel welcome and comfortable, while appreciating your taste and thoughtfulness.

Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design Consultant At Decorium.

[email protected]

New Trends for Autumn and Winter


It’s that time of year where new trends for Autumn and Winter appear, so here’s  handful of them to help get you started.

Rich tones, black and florals are what’s to come. This year, over-sized florals are huge and will be the feature of everything from accent pillows to bedding to big pieces of furniture and art.


Millennial pink is a hot trend that will still be prevalent this season, as they add warmth and colour to your home.

Bright shapes are in too. Playful and full of colour this trend is a happy one.

Another hot trend to look out for is bold shades in different shapes, stripes and geometrical patterns. 
Pop it all together and you will have this trend spot on.

Article Written by: Renata Biala 

Design Consultant At Decorium


Baby It’s Cold Outside – Decorating Ideas To Get Your Home ‘Winter Ready’

Well, it’s that time of year again and we’re all feeling it. Jack-Frost is knocking at our windows, which means it’s time to shift our home decor to a more comfy-cozy ‘Winter Look’.

Here are a few easy and inexpensive ideas to help warm up your home’s decor with this year’s hottest winter trends:

–  Metals:  Swap up the cooler chrome and steel vibe in your home by introducing touches of warm gold and brass metal finishes in items such as lamps, frames, and trays.

–  Accessories:  As always, faux fur is still a favourite go-to for accessories such as throws, pillows, and ottomans.  But this year, another hot trend is woollen chunky knits, velvets, and rustic country linens.

–  Area Rugs:  Don’t forget your floors!  Natural or faux hyde rugs are a favourite for creating a natural/woodland look in any room, while faded rugs in jewel-toned Indian and Oriental prints are great for adding colour, texture, and pattern.

–  Lighting:  Create ambiance in any room with the look of flickering candles, while keeping it safe, by adding flameless candles in varying shapes, sizes, and colours.

–  Patterns:  This year, from the owl to the hare, all types of woodland creatures are the hottest trend for showcasing on toss pillows, decorative bedding, and even dinnerware.

Let’s face it, Winter can be one of our longest seasons of the year, but you don’t have to let the winter-blues get you down.  With all of this year’s fabulous decor ideas and trends, it’s an exciting and perfect excuse to GO SHOPPING!!!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola

Design consultant at Decorium

[email protected]


Image result for royalty free Halloween 


When we’re getting ready for Halloween, we often think of one time preparations which mainly include costumes and treats.


Why not brighten your home with some fun and exciting colors from the day of ‘Horror”.

Orange, green and some dramatic black can be added by the way of toss pillows, flowers or some throws in black and gold. Choose accessories that can be used all year round so that you can keep celebrating once the official day has passed.


Some lamp shades in colours like gold and silver can be used later on for Christmas as well.


Small changes in accessories can make a big difference!

Article Written By: Alla Wolfson

Design consultant At Decorium

[email protected]

Kitchen Decorating Tips

Ahhh, the kitchen!  Once upon a time it was closed off from the rest of the home, but now it’s where all the action takes place and where we spend most of our time; and where we do most of our entertaining.

So much so in fact that most newer floor plans have an ‘open-concept’ kitchen and family room layout, which allows us to be in the kitchen and interact with the rest of the family and guests.

Just as with any other room in your home, before planning on how to decorate your kitchen, consider how you live…and use these 5 simple tips to help you give the heart of your home a well-deserved update:

  1.  Colour: a quick and inexpensive way to update your kitchen is to paint the walls or cabinets.  If you prefer to keep these neutral, add colourful appliances, wall decor or accessories.
  2. Eating Area:  add a generous sized table for eating family dinners, doing homework, or game night – YAY!  Place a large area rug under the table to anchor the space and to add a pop of colour or texture.
  3.  Kitchen Island:  add some counter stools for additional seating, as well as an inexpensive way to incorporate a pop of colour into the room while still keeping the main parts of the kitchen neutral.
  4.  Storage: using open shelving units are a great way to use vertical square footage; especially in smaller kitchens.
  5. Lighting: instead of just the standard pot or recessed lighting, layer the lighting effect in your kitchen by using drop pendants or chandeliers hung from the ceiling for a whimsical twist.

Now that you’re inspired to decorate your kitchen, we invite you to come visit our Decorium showroom where we have a huge variety of tables, lighting, counter stools, rugs, wall decor, and much, much more to help make your kitchen look beautiful!


Article Written By: Beatrice Espinola 

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]

Creating a Home Office

There are many different ways to design a home office. How you do it all depends on the type of work that you are planning to do from your home. 

If you are organizing your personal papers, paying your bills or taking care of the family schedule, you can assign a small space in one of your rooms, like the Kitchen, Living room or as part of your bedroom; and just add a small console / desk, a filing cabinet and a bookshelf. The type of office you create also depends on the size of your home.

If you work from home, you need a quiet space where you won’t get distracted, so the first step is to decide which room you are going to use for your office. If clients are going to be stopping by, you should choose a room closer to the entrance. The furniture should be suitable to the type of job that you have. The idea is to get items that will be both beautiful and functional.

If your job requires you to seat for long hours, you might  want to consider a Stressless office chair and our lift desk. The Stressless chair will provide you with a lumbar and neck support, while our lift desk allows you to alternate between siting and standing.

If you are planning to work for long hours, make this place comfortable and beautiful by choosing colors and textures that you love.


Article Written By: Adriana Glait

Design Consultant at Decorium

[email protected]