To Swivel Or Not To Swivel

To Swivel Or Not To Swivel

Well here’s a comeback for You.

The Swivel chair!

Very popular in days gone by the swivel chair has been making a raging comeback. I could not be happier.

Now that our walls are coming down,  open concept living is the new norm. Furniture has replaced fixed walls and hard bordered rooms. The swivel chair is the perfect solution for flexible living and endorses connected conversational living. 

You can be watching the fire, a simple twist of the chair has you as part of the action in the kitchen. 

This is most helpful in both large and especially smaller spaces. 

The mechanics and high design of these double duty chairs is a most welcome addition to switching up your view and enjoying all your guests, and all your views. 

Swivel on my friends swivel on.

Written By Jonathan Furlong
Design Consultant at Decorium
[email protected]

Fall 2022 Colour Palette

With summer and it’s beautiful bright colours behind us, it’s time to take a look at the colour trends for this fall season!

When we think of fall our minds naturally gravitate to warm neutrals and colours that often give off a cozy vibe like browns and creams. This fall season, we definitely still want to incorporate those neutrals in to our homes but with additional pops of colour that are on trend this year!

To really bring in feeling of fall we’re going to want to throw in pops of orange, yellow, deep greens, burgundy, and even powder blue! These all blend beautifully with our basic neutrals and really help create that cozy feeling that we all want!


The best way to incorporate these colours are through toss pillows, throw blankets, rugs, or if you’re feeling brave, bring in a funky accent chair!

Written By Evan Sims
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Why Design to The Min When You Can Design To The Max

Maximalist design is not a new decorating trend. Wealthy people throughout history have loved to show off their stuff. When it comes to maximalist design , it’s all about excess, decadence, and extravagance.

Maximalist decorating is all about:

Bold saturated colours to give energy to the room

Unique architectural shapes like coffee tables, mirrors,

chairs, sofas, lamps

Lots of textures and patterns

Lots of layering

High impact pieces

It’s all about creating an interesting  mix for the eye to enjoy and express your personality with excess.

3 ways to incorporate this trend:

Have a “Wow “ piece in the room. Your eye needs to focus on something to create a sense of Big. For example an oversized piece of art.

Create a packed bookshelf with a collection of books

Decorate your walls with lots of mixed art

Take things you love and layer them on a coffee table -books, candles, vases on a tray

Make your maximalist design homey with plush fabrics rich in colour and many patterned toss pillows

Enjoy decorating the MAX!

Written By Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Prep For the Holiday Season

We are heading towards the Holiday Season, which creates a different spirit in most of us. Starting with The Fall with the variety of colors that mother Nature brings to our lives. Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, the End of the Year. We can always find a reason to celebrate, getting together with our friends and family and why not prepare the house for it.

There are different ways to add the feeling of a Holiday: we can add color with pillows, blankets, throws, an accent piece of furniture like a chest, a chair, also pictures, lamps, area rugs. Small changes that can make us feel that it is a different moment, that it is time to celebrate.

Written By Adriana Glait
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Fall is Here

Fall is here and with the colder and shorter days coming we think how to make our living space cozier and more comfortable for the long evenings at home.

Stressless chair might be the perfect solution.

Either watching TV or reading the book will relax and benefit your body and mind.

Different colors and styles available to choose from.

It also brings and amazing accent piece for any room in your house,

There is a stressless chair for every room, whether it’s your office, dining room or bedroom.

Enjoy the upcoming evenings in the comfort of your home!

Written By Alla Wolfson
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]


There are many preconceived and often incorrect notions about the size of Your space vs the size and volume of art it can handle. Firstly there really are no rules, apart from perhaps not having art descend past,  say the back of a couch or a significant piece of furniture.

The general misconception is that small spaces can’t handle large art pieces. This is totally untrue.  Large pieces of art can in fact act as wall treatments much like wallpaper does, and expand the space. A fantastic piece of larger-scale art can in fact make the perception of a small space appear larger. The key is to balance the overall wall space with the objects in front.

As an example, a 625 sq ft new build condo will likely have an open wall where builders expect purchasers to put in shelving or some form of storage. That is not incorrect thinking but it is thinking for the average buyer.

Should you be a person with a more minimalist approach to storage … here on Your wall a 5 ft x 4 ft art piece could fill that space and create a dramatic and brilliant focal point that says a great deal about you and how you present your home.

Remember your home is a reflection of You. 

Balancing large pieces with smaller pieces should give both breathing space.

Nothing wrong with a 3 or 4 ft piece on an empty wall and then 3 smaller mirrors behind a couch on an opposite wall. 

Just remember not to think that a small space cannot appear grand…..

It’s all in how You dress it.


Till next time.

Written By Jonathan Furlong
Design Consultant at Decorium
[email protected]

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are an essential decor item in any home, as their designs and functions are several. Some mirrors can simply be hung for checking your appearance, while others can be used to bring in more light or make a room appear larger. Mirrors can be used as decorative pieces as many have unique finishes and shapes.  Mirrors can elevate a room’s decor.

Here are 8 ideas to utilize mirrors:

  1. Use a mirror to make your space appear larger.
  2. Use a mirror in place of art.
  3. Use a mirror to make a statement.
  4. Surround a mirror with plants.
  5. Use a round mirror to add softness to linear furniture.
  6.  Find the light – mirrors can throw natural light to make a room brighter.
  7. Add a mirror to a gallery wall.
  8. Try an oversized mirror over a sofa instead of art.


Written By Ellen Zworth
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Reclining Back to Fall With IMG

As the summer is coming to an end, we need to get ready for the fall with an IMG recliner so you can put it in your special space so when you come home you can recline and relax while,

you are watching tv or reading a book, the IMG chairs comes in various colours and are full leather. So look into a beautiful relaxing chair the IMG.

Written By Raffaele Martino
Design Consultant at Decorium
[email protected]

Decorating Trends in 2022

When it comes to decorating your home, there really are no rules other than doing what makes you happy and resonates with your own style.

Often, just by looking at your space with a fresh perspective, you can play around with what you already own and create a fresh look for your space.

This season we are stressing out:

  • The enhancement of comfort.
  • The beauty of organic and asymmetrical form.
  • Use of natural and more sustainable materials such as eucalyptus, rattan and bamboo.
  • Valuing beauty in the flaws that make each piece unique-whether through asymmetries, imperfections or damage caused by time.

Article Written By: Renata Biala
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

Ceramic Top Tables: A Finish As Easy To Care As Is Wonderful

Have you ever heard of furniture with a ceramic top finish?

That’s right: dining tabletops, coffee tables, consoles, and sideboards, all with ceramic tops. Ceramics is an artificial material, which requires an industrial process. Its composition takes clay, mixed with other inorganic materials to give the appearance of marble. It is dried and enamelled to form a finished surface that is completely sealed.

They are beautiful, easy to maintain (which is simply wonderful because it makes everyday life so much easier), very durable, highly stain resistant and have a stunning design and very high quality. In other words, thanks to the high technology involved in its process, it is possible to offer the beauty of a marble-looking top, without high maintenance, after all, it is not porous like natural stone.

You can be sure that ink, food, drink, and other substances that you would normally have palpitations of if they were near the table surface are unlikely to stain a ceramic tabletop. Here at Decorium Furniture, we have numerous ceramic furniture options with sophisticated and modern design. Come visit us!

Written By Henrique Morais
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]