Blocking and Spacing Your Home

Blocking and spacing the rooms in your home requires an understanding of your home’s entire space, as well as an understanding of how to define the rooms in your total space.

Now that homes are being built and renovated to more open concepts, understanding how to define rooms with furnishings is more important than ever.

Furniture, carpets, lighting, and artwork can help you to define and distinguish ‘rooms’ while bringing a connectedness to open… or more open spaces.

First, remember your sightlines. -When entering a space, we humans roughly spend about 20 percent of our eye time looking down. Logically, this is to secure footing and asses a safe and comfortable pathway. This is why flow-through flooring in small and larger spaces helps provide a sense of seamlessness to any size space.

We can further define our rooms and enjoy a space defined with great lighting. From recessed-in ceiling fixtures to significant and hopefully dramatic chandelier(s) / lamp and even pendant lighting. For those in a new build or comprehensive renovation… in-floor lighting can serve to not only illuminate pathways but provide great drama in hallways and feature walls.

To furniture, whether you are in a more traditional home or an open concept home, allow for each piece to breathe….it is essential.

Clutter is a thing of the past. I suggest choosing your anchor pieces carefully. And build around them. Don’t over furnish. Get great pieces that completely compliment one another, define a space, and again … allow them to breathe.

In a more open concept realize the arm of that sofa is helping create flow and pathways. Carpets do the same.

It’s where we feel we can breathe in a comfy space, and create intimacy even in an open concept all while still allowing for a social connectedness when entertaining or in a family gathering.


Written By Jonathan Furlong
Design Consultant at Decorium
[email protected]


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