Best Decorating Tips

Is there such a thing as the Best Decorating Tips?

When it comes to decorating, there isn’t one single tip that trumps them all. In reality, different tips will be better for some and worse for others, depending on your style, layout, needs and wants.

On the other hand, there is one decorating tip that applies to everyone, and that would be to give your furniture some breathing room! It can be hard to resist overcrowding, but it’s a great tip if you’re on a tight budget.

Bronson Accent Chest

Hang your artwork approximately 60 inches from floor to midline of the piece you’re hanging. Remember if your ceilings soar, it doesn’t mean you need to hang your pictures higher. In home design needs to relate to human scale not structural scale. If you have low ceilings purchase low back furniture, it’ll give you more space to work with.

Prelude Cocktail Table 67275 RS1

Choose your star piece and make it the focal point. Focal points can be a mantel, artwork, stove hood or headboard and are usually the most dramatic piece in the room.

Layers of lighting, pot lights table and floor lamps, create interest, intrigue and variety.

Lastly try to pick your colour last. You want the colour that best compliments your Upholstery, artwork, rugs and accessories. 

There is no secret rule book. Consider a foundation and develop your own style. Be creative and design your home to suit your needs. 


Article Written By: Mary Spataro

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest 

[email protected]

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