Being Bold In An Urban World

Maybe you have downsized or have just bought your first condo, one thing’s for sure, the development of urban living is on the rise and here are some tips to bring out your bold side; and make that new living space roar in the concrete jungle!



Colour! Colour! Colour!

Gone is the myth that you can only use light colours in small spaces! Grab some deep rich tones like emerald green or royal blue and see how your furniture pops while your body relaxes. Darker walls help create a cozy atmosphere and show the world you’re fearless!


Accent walls

Not ready to go bold on all your walls? Try an accent wall by choosing a statement pattern like a Damask or Geometric. Balance out the other walls with some big pieces of art.

urbanliving2 (2)



Anchor your space

Choose a dark grey or black and have this in several spots around your home. This helps to balance out your room and works well with bold and vibrant colours creating a very sophisticated and modern look.



Size Matters

Choose large area rugs with big patterns and large wall art. The bigger the better when both of these things are concerned – think how many city buildings have giant art done by professional graffiti artists on the

outside – bring that idea inside!


Remember, urban dwelling is meant to be hip and cool. Don’t worry about trends just go with what makes you feel like you own the city!

Article written by: Victoria Manning, Design Consultant at Decorium Yonge Street

         [email protected]

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