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The basement is a very special place that you can really turn into anything you can imagine. One of the most common transformations people carry out on their basement is to create a home movie theater out of the space.

Just the anticipation of going downstairs and disconnecting with the rest of the house can bring an exciting feeling of magic, content and privacy. On another note, it can end up giving you a perfect tranquil family room or even an intimate romantic set up.

Firstly, its good to start with the rows of special movie chairs. Depending of course on the size of the room, we generally see people do one or two rows with 2-3 chairs per row. But you can organize it however you want. You could even have 4 rows starting with 2 chairs at the top, moving up to 5 by the bottom

At Decorium we have a wide selection of different configuration of theater chairs made out of leather or fabric; some that recline and some with lighting underneath. We also carry special trays that attached to the chair for drinks and popcorn, to help boost the home theater experience.Wave Home Theatre Silo 1

Next we recommend adding some decor to maximize the relaxation and excitement your basement movie theater will bring. A beautiful rug would help set the space and fill the void between the seats and the screen, while some neat pictures of movie stars, movie posters or old Hollywood style accents will complete the home theater feeling.

To make it even fancier, a little bar unit in the corner of the basement, maybe with maybe with some swivel chairs, would bring more sitting space and would definitely be an all around good piece to add to the decor.

Now sit back, hit the lights, relax and enjoy the movie!

Article Written By Renata Biala

Design Consultant at Decorium on Supertest

[email protected]


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