Autumn Interlude

Summer is over and as much as we feel it was not enough, the next season is something to look forward to.

Big holidays are coming soon and we all want to make our homes bright and happy.

You don’ have to make big changes to feel a difference in your decor.

By adding some small pieces to each and every room, you’ll start to notice the feeling of freshness and new beginnings.

The living room and family room can be enhanced by adding some new accessories, like toss pillows for the sofa or some new table lamps.

A fresh new rug will definitely make the whole room look brand new again.

Put some fresh autumn flowers in the kitchen and you will start feeling the  warmth of your home once again.

So instead of feeling sad that the summer is over, start to look forward to the beautiful and colorful season of autumn!

Article Written By: Alla Wolfson
Design Specialist at Decorium
[email protected]

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