There are many preconceived and often incorrect notions about the size of Your space vs the size and volume of art it can handle. Firstly there really are no rules, apart from perhaps not having art descend past,  say the back of a couch or a significant piece of furniture.

The general misconception is that small spaces can’t handle large art pieces. This is totally untrue.  Large pieces of art can in fact act as wall treatments much like wallpaper does, and expand the space. A fantastic piece of larger-scale art can in fact make the perception of a small space appear larger. The key is to balance the overall wall space with the objects in front.

As an example, a 625 sq ft new build condo will likely have an open wall where builders expect purchasers to put in shelving or some form of storage. That is not incorrect thinking but it is thinking for the average buyer.

Should you be a person with a more minimalist approach to storage … here on Your wall a 5 ft x 4 ft art piece could fill that space and create a dramatic and brilliant focal point that says a great deal about you and how you present your home.

Remember your home is a reflection of You. 

Balancing large pieces with smaller pieces should give both breathing space.

Nothing wrong with a 3 or 4 ft piece on an empty wall and then 3 smaller mirrors behind a couch on an opposite wall. 

Just remember not to think that a small space cannot appear grand…..

It’s all in how You dress it.


Till next time.

Written By Jonathan Furlong
Design Consultant at Decorium
[email protected]

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