How to add colour to a room

When you want to decorate one of your rooms, the big question you should ask yourself is: what colour should I choose?

Even though your choice will depend on the room you are working with – as certain colours are more suitable depending on what you are planning to use the room for, like resting , sleeping ( blues, greens), entertaining, eating, studying ( bright reds, yellows, oranges), – there is always a way to add some color.

The safest way is to start with neutrals. It is timeless and sophisticated as well. Next, you’ll want to choose a punch of colour, by selecting an accent wall, introducing colour with toss pillows, throws, area rugs, accessories, art work, etc.

Another way to add colour to a room is by taking the upcoming season into consideration, because there are specific colours for every season we go through.

A big Holiday like Christmas or Chanukah can always give us some inspiration to add a little extra colour to a room.

It is always easier and less costly to change accessories than furniture. It keeps you in a good mood and it is uplifting as well. Change is always good.

Article Written by: Adriana Glait

Design Consultant at Decorium

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