Accessorizing with tiles

Tiles have made a huge comeback in many different shapes and colours: subway tile, mosaic tile, grid tile, geometric: diamonds, squares, hexagon, penny tiles…. You can use them in the bathroom, kitchen, hallways, back splashes, even walls.

Choosing your tiles means expressing your own personality, your style and your way of living.

The truth is, tiling is such an artful expression, that not too many accessories or extra pieces are needed to pull the look together.

Tiles look great paired with organic textures and wooden elements. For ex. macrame, terracotta vases, foliage-plants/leaves or any such greenery that brings the outdoors in.

Tiles are designed to be a focal point, and therefore you do not want to over accessorize.

Depending on the chosen tile, either the furniture or the tile should be the focal point.

You want to avoid the furniture competing with the tile. For example, terracotta tile pairs well with a more organic textured sofa, like linen. On the other hand, a vibrant mosaic tile could pair well with a velvet sofa –in such colours like emerald green or vibrant blue.

Pick your focal point and design the space with colors and textures that work in conjunction with tile, while enhancing the tile.

Article Written By: Renata Biala

Design Consultant at Decorium


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